31st Legislature, 2021
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The 31st Legislature will convene on January 20th, 2021
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Senate District 18
Hawaii State Capitol
Room 228
phone: 808-586-7100
fax: 808-586-7109
Member of the following committees:
District Information
18th Senatorial District Map (Part 1 | Part 2) - Mililani Town, portion of Waipi‘o Gentry, Waikele, Village Park, Royal Kunia
•  Mililani Town Association Board of Directors, (1998-present)
•  Member, Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu Neighborhood (1995-2005)
•  Honolulu Community Action Program Board of Directors, (2000-2005)
•  Administrator Customer Services, State of Hawai‘i MedQuest (2002-2005)
•  Hawai‘i Leadership Academy, (2004)
•  Deputy, Neighborhood Commission Office
•  Senior Advisor, Honolulu City Council (1988-2000)
Awards and Recognition
•  State Director, Women in Government (2010)
•  Alumni of the Year, Farrington High School (2010)
•  Fabulous Freshman Senator of the Year, Hawai‘i Women's Political Caucus (2009)
•  Relay for Life, American Cancer Society
•  Mililani Graffiti Busters
•  Volunteer, Aloha United Way
•  Manager and Vice President, Mililani-Waipio Bobby Sox League
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2016 MidWeek Columns
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Legislative session underway
In praise of good teachers
Legislative session update
Waipio EMS facility under construction
Celebrating Women's History Month
Honors to the Class of 2016
Legislature adjourns for 2016
Restoring the Wall
Education Summit
Tackling the Traffic
Cooling the schools
Refocusing our campuses
Saluting Student Athletes
A Golden Anniversary
Mahalo, Dr. Doris Ching
A well-deserved retirement

2015 Neighborhood Board Reports
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2015 MidWeek Columns
Waikele Road Improvements To Relieve Traffic Jams
Consumer-savvy Waipahu High School
Mililani blessed with talented, caring educators
Positive leadership influencing west schools
Funding available for Mililani Schools
Efforts To Fund Early Learning and Area Schools
Mililani High attracts national attention
Congratulations Waipahu High Grads!
Celebrating Title IX
Supporting Central Oahu solar farms
Welcoming the new school year
Waipahu science students shine
Recognizing language skills
Career Academies gain accreditation
2016 legislative session approaching
Working for traffic relief
Mililani athletes, Waipahu super students
Mililani Middle moves away from multi-track

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2012 Neighborhood Board Reports
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August 2012
September 2012 Mililani Mauka report
September 2012 Mililani Town report
September 2012 Waipahu report
October 2012 Mililani report
October 2012 Waipahu report
November 2012 Mililani report
November 2012 Waipahu report
Measures Introduced
No Measures Introduced