30th Legislature, 2019
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SB631       (?)

Report Title: State Fire Council; Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Program Special Fund; Personnel; Testing; Penalties
Description: Expands the use of the reduced ignition propensity cigarette program special fund to support the duties and responsibilities of the state fire council, including the hiring of staff. Specifies the testing process by the state fire council in determining a cigarette's compliance with performance standards under state law. Expands the conditions in which a civil penalty may be imposed on a manufacturer to include a cigarette failure rate of twenty-five per cent or greater after two successive failed tests.
Package: None
Current Referral: PSM/JDC, WAM
Introducer(s): NISHIHARA (Introduced by request of another party)

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1/22/2019SPassed First Reading.
1/24/2019SReferred to PSM, JDC.
1/30/2019SRe-Referred to PSM/JDC, WAM.
12/1/2019DCarried over to 2020 Regular Session.

S = Senate | H = House | D = Data Systems | $ = Appropriation measure | ConAm = Constitutional Amendment

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