Portions of Waipi‘o and Mililani
Term of Office Ended: 01/02/2023
Representative Ryan Yamane currently serves as the Chair of the Health, Human Services, and Homelessness Committee. He previously chaired the House Committee on Water, Land, and Hawaiian Affairs from 2019-2020, the House Committee on Water and Land from 2015-2018, the House Committee on Transportation from 2013-2014, the House Committee on Health from 2009-2012 while dually serving as the vice chair of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee. He also previously chaired the House Tourism and Culture Committee from 2006-2008. Representative Yamane has dedicated himself to public service as a social worker, instructor, and disaster volunteer for the State of Hawaii. Representative Yamane represents the 37th State House District and has served in the Hawaii House of Representatives since 2005. Representative Yamane and his wife, Jennifer, have two young sons, Daniel and Gavan.
• Chair, House Health, Human Service, and Homelessness Committee (2021-Present)
• Chair, House Water, Land, and Hawaiian Affairs Committee (2019-2020)
• Chair, House Water and Land Committee (2015-2018)
• Chair, Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (2016-2018)
• Chair, House Transportation Committee (2013-2015)
• Vice Chair, House Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee (2011-2012)
• Chair, House Health Committee (2009-2012)
• Vice Chair, Hawai'i 2050 Sustainability Task Force (2008-2010)
• Legislator in Residence, University of Hawaii-Manoa (2008)
• Chair, House Tourism Committee (2007-2008)
• Vice Chair, House Legislative Management Committee (2005-2007)

• Stanford University, Public-Private Partnerships for the Water Sector Executive Education, 2015
• Stanford University, Advanced Leadership Program for Asian-American Executives, 2015
• INSEAD, Innovators for Community Wellness Program, 2014
• INSEAD, Leading Successful Change Program, 2013
• Harvard University, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative Executive Program, 2011
• Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management Executive Program, 2011
• Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, Risk Management and Insurance studies, 2011
• US Army War College, Strategy Implementation Seminar, 2011
• University of California-Los Angeles, Health Care Executive Program, 2010
• University of Virginia, Emerging Political Leaders Program, 2010
• US Army War College, National Security Seminar, 2007
• University of Hawaii-Manoa, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), 2002
• University of Hawaii-Manoa, Masters of Social Work (MSW), 1996
• University of Hawaii-Manoa, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA), 1992
• Saint Louis High School

• Instructor in Business and Health Education, Hawaii Pacific University, 2008-Present
• Instructor in Social Work, Honolulu Community College, 2010-2014
• Lecturer in Family Resources, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Apprentice Program, 2009-2014
• Social Worker, Queens Medical Center, 2008-2014
• Clinical Director, Ho'okupono Program for Adolescent Treatment, 1998-2006
• Social Worker & Mental Health Specialist, Hawaii Department of Health, Queen's Medical Center, Child and Family Services, and Hale Kipa Inc., 1991-1998

• American Red Cross Volunteer
• FEMA Community Volunteer
• Civil Air Patrol Volunteer, Rank: Major
• Medical Reserves Corp Volunteer
• Hawaii Police Department Volunteer
• Hawaii Interagency Climate Adaptation Committee Member
• Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Task Force Member
• Hawaii Workforce Development Council Member
• Waipahu High School Academy of Natural Resources Advisory Board Member
• Leeward Lion's Club Member
• Waipahu Neighborhood Board Member, 1999-2004

• September 2019 United Nations Institute for Training and Research Workshop on Negotiation Skills and Techniques
• October 2019 Humanitarian Assistance Response Training Certification
• 2016 Legislator of the Year - Hawaii Farm Bureau
• 2015 Advocate of the Year - BIA-Hawaii
• 2014 Legislative Advocacy Award - Hawaii Academy of Family Physicians
• 2014 Legislative Advocacy Award - Hawaii Civil Air Patrol
• 2012 State Representative of the Year Award - Healthcare Assn. of Hawaii
• 2012 Legislator of the Year Award - Hawaii Medical Association
• 2012 Distinguished Service Award - Hawaii Dietetic Association
• 2011 State Representative of the Year Award - Healthcare Assn. of Hawaii
• 2011 Legislator of the Year Award - Hawaii Psychiatric Medical Assn.
• 2010 Legislative Recognition Award - Honolulu Fire Department
• 2010 Legislator of the Year Award - Hawaii Dental Association
• 2009 Legislator of the Year Award - Hawaii Medical Association
• 2009 Legislative Appreciation Award - UH School of Nursing

November 19, 2021

Rep. Yamane receive State Representative of the Year Award

Mahalo Healthcare Association of Hawaii for this award as State Representative of the Year. With this challenging pandemic, it is truly an honor to be recognized as a Public Health Champion for the State of Hawaii!

November 16, 2020

Rep. Yamane joins American Red Cross to offer courses to deal with COVID-19

The American Red Cross is offering courses to deal with COVID-19 as it relates to home and work. Courses include safety and mental health tips. Read more

September 1, 2020

Rep. Yamane assists with dropping off groceries to O'ahu residents who test positive

Testing positive for COVID-19 is one thing--figuring out how to get food while in quarantine is an added pressure for some O'ahu residents. But a group of about 30 volunteers are working with the Department of Health to pick up and drop off groceries.... Read more

February 25, 2020

Proposal for pilot program to detect school threats before they happen

Representative Ryan Yamane proposes a bill to establish a pilot program for a team that would be trained to look for and handle a potential school threat before it happens. View Full Article

March 29, 2018

Rep. Yamane demonstrates heimlich maneuver in an emergency response

KHON 2 News asked Rep. Ryan Yamane to share his emergency response techniques that could possibly save a life if someone or yourself is choking. View Full Article

March 9, 2018

By 2020, Hawaii was supposed to be a much more sustainable place. What happened?

Rep. Yamane shares his thoughts on how the state struggles to meet its own sustainability goals and has largely ignored parts of its own plan over the last decade. View Full Article

February 26, 2018

Rep. Yamane sent to Florida in wake of mass shooting

The Hawaii Red Cross is sending a volunteer State Representative Ryan Yamane to provide comfort to those affected by the deadly mass shooting at a school in Florida. View Full Article

July 6, 2017

Bill saves Hawaii homeowners from losing billions of dollars in federal flood insurance coverage.

A crucial bill, shepherded through the Legislature by Rep. Yamane to keep Hawaii protected under the National Flood Insurance Program was signed by Governor David Ige.
View Full Article

April 6, 2017

Changing Climate Threatens Hawaii's Water Supply

Hawaii's Civil Beat highlights Rep. Yamane's leadership as the House Water and Land Chair to protect and preserve Hawaii's precious water resources.
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April 5, 2017

Rep. Yamane's Broadband Legislation Pushes Hawaii's Internet Service into the Next Generation

The Honolulu Star Advertiser credits Rep. Ryan Yamane for his "efforts to keep Hawaii at the front of technology when we are all used to being left behind." HB 625, a bill Rep. Yamane introduced, and SB 1201, a bill Rep. Yamane tirelessly worked on, seek to transition Hawaii's Internet network and service to faster speeds and higher capacities by updating government broadband laws to provide Hawaii with new and improved 5G Internet service.
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February 28, 2017

Rep. Yamane Disputes Waiawa Prison Expansion and Privatization

Representing Central Oahu, including Waiawa, Rep. Yamane disapproves a bill which would expand and privatize the Waiawa Prison, and relocate the Halawa Prison inmate population to Waiawa. This bill was introduced without any Central Oahu community input or feedback, it would waive the need for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and would greatly affect the Central Oahu area by converting Waiawa Prison's status from a minimum security to a maximum security prison.

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February 28, 2017

Rep. Yamane Opposes Waiawa Prison Expansion

Rep. Ryan Yamane, representing Waipio Gentry, Waiawa, Waikele, and Mililani Town, is opposing a bill which would expand the Waiawa Prison and relocate the Halawa Prison inmate population to Waiawa. This bill was introduced without any Central Oahu community input or feedback, and would greatly affect the Central Oahu area by converting Waiawa Prison's status from a minimum security to a maximum security prison.

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October 27, 2016

Rep. Yamane Testifies Before US Senate Committee Field Hearing on Hawaii's Watershed

At the invitation of Hawaii's US Senator, Mazie Hirono, Rep. Yamane testified to the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources' Field Hearing held in Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this month to bring Federal awareness to Hawaii's watershed management. As the Chair of the House Water and Land Committee, Rep. Yamane explained to the US Senate Committee, the strides Hawaii recently took this past Legislative Session to improve our water infrastructure and efforts in water conservation through the passage of the Legislature's comprehensive package of 14 water laws.

September 13, 2016

Rep. Yamane Presents IUCN's "Hawaii Commitments"

On behalf of the IUCN, Rep. Ryan Yamane recently announced the IUCN's Hawai'i Commitments as the outcomes document from the 2016 World Conservation Congress held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Every four years, each World Conservation Congress produces a statement that summarizes key issues, aspirations, new ideas or actions emerging from the many activities and deliberations.

View full article
View the IUCN's Hawaii Commitments

August 15, 2016

Rep. Yamane Responds to California Wildfires with American Red Cross

As a dedicated volunteer with the Hawaii American Red Cross Chapter, Rep. Ryan Yamane was activated to respond and provide disaster relief and mental health services to survivors of California wildfires.

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July 1, 2016

Saving Water For Hawaii's Future

Hawaii's Civil Beat highlights Rep. Yamane's leadership and collaboration with the State Legislature, expert employees, and community groups to prioritize 14 bills which passed this year to protect Hawaii's water resources and our access to them. View full article

March 4, 2016

With Hawaii as the Largest Illegal Ivory Market in the U.S., Rep. Yamane Leads the Ban of Wildlife Trafficking

A recent study of Hawaii's ivory market found that 89% of ivory items found for sale in Hawaii were of illegal origin. Following the recent state prohibitions of ivory sales in New York and California, Hawaii became the largest illegal ivory market within the United States in 2016. Partnering with national wildlife advocates including: the International Fund for Animal Welfare, National Resources Defense Council, Humane Society International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society, Rep. Ryan Yamane leads the initiative to ban all wildlife trafficking throughout the State of Hawaii. Click here for more information:

November 10, 2015

Rep. Yamane on OC16 Government Official Spotlight

OC16 has prepared a series of profiles featuring Oahu's elected government officials. This video profile focusing on Representative Yamane was aired during coverage of Mililani High School Trojan football games.

June 29, 2015

Rep. Yamane Responds to Severe Dallas Flooding with American Red Cross

As a dedicated volunteer with the Hawaii American Red Cross Chapter, Rep. Ryan Yamane was recently activated to provide disaster relief and mental health services to the survivors of the severe flooding in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

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April 13, 2015

Keeping the Country, Country; Rep. Yamane Passes Turtle Bay Conservation Bill through Water and Land Committee

Water and Land Chair, Rep. Yamane successfully organized and passed legislation to protect and preserve the Turtle Bay Conservation Easement area as well as other agricultural lands found in Oahu's North Shore. Under this bill, 665 acres of the North Shore lands including Kawela Bay, will be protected from future development by Turtle Bay Resorts. With the same intent to preserve Oahu's pristine North Shore lands, the bill also requires a study and appraisal of certain North Shore Oahu agricultural lands currently for sale.View full article

April 13, 2015

Rep. Yamane Honors Hokule`a on their 40th Anniversary

Rep. Yamane, as the Chair of the Water and Land Committee, honored the original crew of the 1976 Hokule`a voyage. Hokule`a, Hawaii's iconic canoe, named "star of gladness," is celebrating her landmark 40th anniversary of her first launch in 1975. Since her original voyage in 1976 from Hawaii to Tahiti, Hokule`a and her crew members have brought together hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Pacific. Now, 40 years later, Hokule`a continues to connect stories of hope throughout the "Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage", a worldwide voyage the Hokule`a recently embarked upon.View full article

November 9, 2014

Rep. Yamane Pushes to Keep Hawaii's Heroes and Save our Central Oahu Communities

In response to the U.S. Army's proposed force reduction of the soldiers stationed at the Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter Bases, Rep. Yamane has joined the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii with an organization to "Keep Hawaii's Heroes" to advocate and build community level awareness against this devastating Army downsizing proposal in our communities.View full article

August 19, 2014

Albizia Trees, a Menace to Public Access and Public Safety

After the recent devastation brought on by Hurricane Ana to the County of Hawaii, Rep. Yamane identifies that the infamous Albizia trees are in fact, found throughout the State of Hawaii- not just in the Big Island's Puna District. Albizia trees plague Central Oahu and line the H-2 Freeway, which Rep. Yamane raises his concern that these trees pose a serious problem to motorists statewide. View full article

June 19, 2014

Rep. Yamane Brings Long Awaited Kamehameha Highway Resurfacing Project to Mililani and Waipio Gentry

Representative Yamane is very pleased that the State Department of Transportation will begin the $13.3 Million resurfacing project of Kamehameha Highway, which he has championed for the past four years.

Kamehameha Highway has been in major disrepair over the past few years, and the simple covering of potholes and a repaving will not improve the highway. This project will completely resurface the highway from Ka Uka Boulevard in Waipio Gentry, through Mililani and finish in Waihau Street in the Melemanu/Waipio Acres area. As the Chair of the House Transportation Committee, Representative Yamane advocated for this project's $13 Million funding and personally pushed for the Department of Transportation to begin this project.

This large project will begin Monday, June 23rd as is expected to be completed by the Fall of 2016. Click here for project description

April 25, 2013

Protecting Hawaii's Consumers, Rep. Yamane Offers Ban on Parking Boot

As the new House Transportation Chair, Rep. Ryan Yamane discovered many ambiguities, irregularities, and a lack of regulation related to current Hawaii car booting practices. In an effort to clarify this parking enforcement ambiguity for Hawaii's drivers and working with the Hawaii State Senate, Rep. Yamane voted to ban the practice of car booting in the State of Hawaii. He explains this problem and the Legislature's proposal to assist Hawaii's drivers to Hawaii News Now. View full article

April 12, 2013

Transportation Chair Yamane Draws Crowd at Mililani Town Hall to Discuss Traffic Issues

In his new role as the House Transportation Chair, Rep. Ryan Yamane spearheaded traffic and transportations issues affecting Mililani Town by collaborating with State and City Transportation and Planning officials and Mililani's Senators Kidani and Dela Cruz. A strong turnout of over 100 Mililani residents came to speak one-on-one with State and City officials about upcoming transportation and traffic mitigation projects for the area. Heightened community interest of Rep. Yamane's Mililani Traffic Town Hall prompted KHON-2 news to report the event. View full article

February 4, 2013

Rep. Yamane Promoting Methods to Attract Doctors to Work in Hawaii

Pacific Business News covered Representative Yamane's in depth work with Hawaii's John A. Burns School of Medicine for alternative methods to recruit more doctors to practice in Hawaii. View full article

August 8, 2012

Rep. Yamane Fights for Necessary Lighting in Waipio and Mililani

After six years without the proper lighting along the H-2 Freeway, spanning from Waipahu to Wahiawa, Rep. Ryan Yamane shares with Hawaii News Now the importance of the $2.5 Million DOT Freeway Lighting project to ensure the safety of Central Oahu drivers. View full article

August 8, 2012

Queen's Medical Center Proposes to Buy West Oahu Hospital

Rep. Ryan Yamane shares with KITV 4 News the benefits of reopening Hawaii's West Oahu hospital and explains the needed medical services for West Oahu, Central Oahu, and Leeward residents. View full article

July 11, 2012

Rep. Yamane's Law on Sky Lanterns Makes National Headlines

Rep. Yamane's new Law banning the use of sky lanterns, also known as "aerial luminaries", in Hawaii made headlines in The Wall Street Journal showcasing Hawaii as a leading state in fire safety throughout the country.View full article

February 10, 2012

Rep. Yamane's bill becomes the First Law for 2012

We are truly saving lives with the passage of HB 608 as the first law of 2012. KHON 2 News reports on Rep. Yamane's law highlighting that it will fund to reinstate a new organ transplant center for the State of Hawaii. Currently there are 424 people in the State of Hawaii who are on the organ donation waiting list, 396 of those patients in Hawaii need a kidney donation. View full article

February 5, 2012

Hope Renewed

Hawaii News Now called the first law of the 2012 as legislation renewing hope for hundreds of patients in Hawaii who are on the list for an organ transplant. Rep. Yamane's bill, House Bill 608, revives the state's only organ transplant program by providing funding to the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii and the Queen's Medical Center to provide organ transplantation.View full article

February 4, 2012

Rep. Yamane's Legislation "Revives Hope"

Rep. Yamane's personal legislation, House Bill 608, was signed into law on Saturday, February 4th as the first law of the 2012 Legislative Session. The new law reinstates Hawaii's Organ Transplant program which was lost during the closure of Hawaii Medical Center in December 2011. KITV 4 News reported the passage of this legislation as the "revival of hope" for Hawaii's kidney and organ transplant patients to receive the proper care in our home state. View full article

January 30, 2012

National Football League supports Rep. Yamane's bill to create Concussion Management program

Following many major concussion injuries to our local athletes over the past year, Rep. Yamane introduced HB 2273 to address and create guidelines for education, awareness and a concussion management program within the State of Hawaii. On January 27th, the National Football League testified in support of Rep. Yamane's legislation calling the bill important legislation to protect youth athletes in Hawaii. View full article

January 30, 2012

Rep. Yamane's Bill Revives Statewide Organ Transplant Program

During the opening week of the Legislature Rep. Yamane and House and Senate Co-Chairs finalized on the funding of his legislation introduced in 2011 to revive and stabilize Hawaii's statewide organ transplant program. The Honolulu Star Advertiser covered this major piece of legislation and its passage on January 23, 2012. View full article

January 17, 2012

Rep. Yamane Authors Legislation to Keep Hawaii Hospitals Open

Following the recent closing the the Hawaii Medical Center hospital system, Representative Yamane proposed legislation to increase cash flow to support Hawaii's hospitals and health care system. On January 15, 2012, the Honolulu Star Advertiser covered his 6 bills and legislative priorities in health care for the coming 2012 Legislative Session. View full article

January 9, 2012

Rep. Yamane Reacts to Closure of West Oahu Hospital

KITV 4 News interviewed Rep. Ryan Yamane on December 28, 2011 on ways to support and stabilize health care in the West and Central Oahu as the Hawaii Medical Center-West facility shuts down. View full article

January 9, 2012

Rep. Yamane's Legislation can Restore Hawaii's only Organ Transplant Program

On Christmas Day 2011, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser covered Rep. Ryan Yamane's 2011 legislation which could have funded the continuation of an organ transplant center while Hawaii's only organ transplant center closed through the Hawaii Medical Center's bankruptcy. House Bill 608 will alleviate concerns of the organ transplant center's closure by providing funding to restore Hawaii's organ transplantation.View full article

November 15, 2011

Rep. Yamane Considers Ambulance Contingency Plans to serve West Oahu

KITV 4 News recently interviewed Rep. Ryan Yamane for a story on November 9, 2011 regarding the financial future of the Hawaii Medical Center East and West hospitals and legislative action the Chair will discuss at a November 10, 2011 House Health Committee Hearing to support public health and emergency care for the people of the West and Central O'ahu area. View full article

April 1, 2011

Mililani Legislators Rally with Governor to Fund Kupuna Care and Support AARP"

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser covered AARP's Rally for the Legislature and State to continue funding Kupuna Care Services in Hawaii. On hand to assist in raising awareness to support our Kupuna were Governor Abercrombie, Rep. Ryan Yamane, Rep. Marilyn Lee, and Sen. Kidani; all representing Mililani and Waipio, while loading bags of rice for the benefit of the seniors who use Lanakila Meals on Wheels to reduce our Kupuna from going hungry. View full article

March 29, 2011

Rep. Yamane Commends the Department of Health for their Quick Response to Dengue Fever Cases

brianUpon the recent news of four local Dengue fever cases developing in the Pearl City area, Rep. Yamane was interviewed on KHON 2 news commending the Department of Health for their quick response to the Dengue Fever cases and isolating these cases to only four throughout our State's population 1.4 Million people. View full article

March 16, 2011

Rep. Yamane Concerned about Arsenic Contamination near Kauai Homes

KHON 2 News recently aired a story on March 10, 2011 about high levels of Arsenic contamination discovered by the Department of Health in Kaua'i when taking soil samples dating back to the 1920s of the former Kilauea sugar mill. Rep. Ryan Yamane weighs in on the overall health and safety hazards of this discovery for the House Health Committee. View full article

February 10, 2011

Rep. Yamane recognizing Hawaii's future doctors

Today, Rep. Yamane discussed funding to the University of Hawaii's Medical School dean and students while Chairing a Health Committee Hearing over legislation directing the John A. Burn School of Medicine's funding. The issue and Rep. Yamane's interview was later covered on KHON 2 News.View full article

October 29, 2010

Rep. Ryan Yamane Concerned About Booze-Packed Energy Drinks

KITV 4 recently aired a story on October 29, 2010 about a serious new energy drink with the street name of "knock out in a can" and "liquid cocaine" with an alarming 12% alcohol amount (equal to 4 cans of beer) inside. As these energy drinks are marketed as cheap, trendy, with enticing flavors, Rep. Ryan Yamane is concerned over the drinks' marketing and is considering legislation for the House Health Committee to make sure that drinks like Four Loko are not being marketed specifically to under-age drinkers and will consider the danger of the drinks' high alcohol content. View full article
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