Wailuā, Hanamā‘ulu, Kapaia, Līhu‘e, Puhi, portion of ‘Ōma‘o
Term of Office Ended: 01/02/2023
Representative Tokioka always took an active role in community service projects and beach cleanups while working in the hotel management industry. Volunteering made Jimmy realize his passion to make positive changes and his desire to make a greater impact for Kauai's communities so he ran for County Council and won a seat in 1996. Having spent 10 years at the County level understanding the inner workings of the system, budgetary concerns our community and residents faced as well as the need for structural improvements and evolvement forward to better life for all, and with the retirement of the Honorable Ezra Kanoho in 2006, Jimmy decided to run for the State House District 15 seat. He was given the opportunity to represent the district and his intimate background knowledge of the working of the County has helped him in problem solving and obtaining funding to fix/repair and upkeep the numerous new and old projects that are being started/continued.

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 Measures Introduced in 2023
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