§712-1201  Advancing prostitution; profiting from prostitution; definition of terms.  In sections 712-1202 and 712-1203:

     (1)  A person "advances prostitution" if the person knowingly causes or aids a person to commit or engage in prostitution, procures or solicits patrons for prostitution, provides persons for prostitution purposes, permits premises to be regularly used for prostitution purposes, operates or assists in the operation of a house of prostitution or a prostitution enterprise, or engages in any other conduct designed to institute, aid, or facilitate an act or enterprise of prostitution;

     (2)  A person "profits from prostitution" if the person accepts or receives money, anything of value, or other property pursuant to an agreement or understanding with any person whereby the person participates or is to participate in the proceeds of prostitution activity; and

     (3)  The definitions in subsections (1) and (2) shall not include those engaged in conduct outlined in section 712-1200 as the prostituted person or section 712-1200.5 as the person engaged in commercial sexual exploitation. [L 1972, c 9, pt of §1; am L 2011, c 145, §2; am L 2016, c 206, §13; am L 2021, c 68, §5]




  Section heading amended by L 2016, c 206, §13.