§660-22  Disobeying writ or order to show cause, penalties. Any person who neglects or refuses promptly to perform any duty imposed upon such person by virtue of any writ of habeas corpus or order to show cause, conformably to this chapter, shall be responsible in a civil action to any person aggrieved for damages occasioned thereby, and may be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned at hard labor not more than ten years, or both. [L 1870, c 32, §26; RL 1925, §2745; RL 1935, §4330; RL 1945, §10371; am L 1953, c 101, §11; RL 1955, §239-22; HRS §660-22; gen ch 1993]


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  Classification of offense and authorized punishment, see §§701-107, 706-610(2), 706-640, and 706-660.