624-1, 2 Repealed

   624-11 to 19 Repealed


        Part I.  General Provisions

   624-21 to 23 Repealed

   624-24 Arbitrators, etc.

 624-24.5 Compelling attendance of witness; commission for

          taking testimony

   624-25 Discovery

 624-25.5 Proceedings and records of peer review committees and

          quality assurance committees


        Part II.  Depositions for Use Outside the State

   624-26 Repealed

   624-27 Subpoena to witness

   624-28 Taking and return of deposition

   624-31 to 34 Repealed


        Part III.  Costs

   624-35 Costs


        Part IV.  Perpetuation of Testimony

   624-41 Action for

   624-42 to 44 Repealed

   624-45 Costs




  Chapter heading amended by L 1972, c 143, §1(k).


Rules of Court


  See HRCP chapter V and rules 45(d) and 81(g); HRPP rules 15, 16; DCRCP chapter V and rule 45(d); RCC rule 16; RDC rule 16; Hawaii Family Court Rules, part A(V).


Law Journals and Reviews


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