Part I.  General Provisions


    580-1 Jurisdiction; hearing

    580-2 Commencement of action; summons

    580-3 Service

  580-3.5 Personal judgment against absent defendant

    580-4 Cross-complaint

    580-5 Proof

    580-6 Guardian ad litem for incompetent defendant

    580-7 Examination of parties to prevent collusion

    580-8 Procedure when collusion suspected

    580-9 Temporary support, etc.

   580-10 Restraining orders; appointment of master

 580-10.5 Automatic restraining order

   580-11 Care, custody, education, and maintenance of children

          pendente lite

   580-12 Sequestration of property

   580-13 Security and enforcement of maintenance and alimony

   580-14 Renumbered

   580-15 County attorneys to represent court

   580-16 Divorce decree, support order; social security number

   580-17 Domestic violence intervention

   580-18 Interpretation of words to be gender-neutral


        Part II.  Annulment

   580-21 Grounds for annulment

   580-22 Nonage

   580-23 Former spouse living

   580-24 Allowance for spouse and family

   580-25 Inheritance by children

   580-26 Lack of mental capacity

   580-27 Legitimacy in case of annulment

   580-28 Physical incapacity

   580-29 No annulment solely on confessions


        Part III.  Divorce

   580-41 Divorce

 580-41.5 Battered spouses; exemption from mediation in divorce


   580-42 Irretrievable breakdown

 580-42.5 Recrimination no defense

   580-43 Repealed

   580-44 Persons affected with Hansen's disease represented by

          attorney general

   580-45 Decree

   580-46 Final judgment; nunc pro tunc entry; validation of

          certain marriages

   580-47 Support orders; division of property

 580-47.5 Notice to parties with children

   580-48 Repealed

   580-49 Support of insane spouse after divorce

   580-50 Repealed

   580-51 Modification of alimony on remarriage

   580-52 Marriage after divorce

   580-53 to 55 Repealed

   580-56 Property rights following dissolution of marriage


        Part IV.  Separation

   580-71 Grounds for separation

 580-71.5 Separation no bar to divorce

   580-72 Married persons may bring action in own name

   580-73 Repealed

   580-74 Support of spouse and children

   580-75 Status of spouse during separation

   580-76 Revocation or modification of separation decrees


Cross References


  Licensed marriage and family therapists, see chapter 451J.


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Case Notes


  "Allowance" as used in chapter is synonym for spousal or family support.  73 H. 566, 836 P.2d 1081 (1992).