Part I.  General Provisions


    514B-1 Short title

    514B-2 Applicability

    514B-3 Definitions

    514B-4 Separate titles and taxation

    514B-5 Conformance with county land use laws

    514B-6 Supplemental county rules governing a condominium

           property regime

    514B-7 Construction against implicit repeal

    514B-8 Severability

    514B-9 Obligation of good faith

   514B-10 Remedies to be liberally administered


          Part II.  Applicability

   514B-21 Applicability

   514B-22 Repealed

   514B-23 Amendments to governing instruments


          Part III.  Creation, Alteration, and Termination

                     of Condominiums

   514B-31 Creation

   514B-32 Contents of declaration

   514B-33 Condominium map

   514B-34 Condominium map; certification of architect,

           engineer, or surveyor

   514B-35 Unit boundaries

   514B-36 Leasehold units

   514B-37 Common interest

   514B-38 Common elements

   514B-39 Limited common elements

   514B-40 Transfer of limited common elements

   514B-41 Common profits and expenses

   514B-42 Metering of utilities

   514B-43 Liens against units

   514B-44 Contents of deeds or leases of units

   514B-45 Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting

           a unit at time of first conveyance or lease

   514B-46 Merger of projects or increments

   514B-47 Removal from provisions of this chapter


          Part IV.  Registration and Administration

                    of Condominiums

   514B-51 Registration required; exceptions

   514B-52 Application for registration

   514B-53 Inspection by commission

   514B-54 Developer's public report; requirements for issuance

           of effective date

   514B-55 Developer's public report; request for hearing by


   514B-56 Developer's public report; amendments

   514B-57 Commission oversight of developer's public report

   514B-58 Annual report

   514B-59 Expiration of developer's public reports

   514B-60 No false or misleading information

   514B-61 General powers and duties of commission

   514B-62 Deposit of fees

   514B-63 Condominium specialists; appointment; duties

   514B-64 Private consultants

   514B-65 Investigative powers

   514B-66 Cease and desist orders

   514B-67 Termination of registration

   514B-68 Power to enjoin

   514B-69 Penalties

   514B-70 Limitation of actions

   514B-71 Condominium education trust fund

   514B-72 Condominium education trust fund; payments

           by associations and developers

   514B-73 Condominium education trust fund; management


          Part V.  Protection of Condominium Purchasers

         A.  General Provisions

   514B-81 Applicability; exceptions

   514B-82 Sale of units

   514B-83 Developer's public report

   514B-84 Developer's public report; special types of


   514B-85 Preregistration solicitation

   514B-86 Requirements for binding sales contracts;

           purchaser's right to cancel

   514B-87 Rescission after sales contract becomes binding

   514B-88 Delivery

   514B-89 Sales contracts before completion of construction

   514B-90 Refunds upon cancellation or termination

   514B-91 Escrow of deposits

   514B-92 Use of purchaser deposits to pay project costs

   514B-93 Early conveyance to pay project costs

   514B-94 Misleading statements and omissions; remedies


         B.  Sales to Owner-Occupants

   514B-95 Definitions

 514B-95.5 Announcement or advertisement; publication

   514B-96 Designation of residential units

 514B-96.5 Unit selection; requirements

   514B-97 Affidavit

 514B-97.5 Prohibitions

   514B-98 Sale of residential units; developer requirements

 514B-98.5 Enforcement

   514B-99 Penalties

 514B-99.3 False statement

 514B-99.5 Inapplicability of laws


          Part VI.  Management of Condominiums

         A.  Powers, Duties, and Other General Provisions

  514B-101 Applicability; exceptions

  514B-102 Association; organization and membership

  514B-103 Association; registration

  514B-104 Association; powers

  514B-105 Association; limitations on powers

  514B-106 Board; powers and duties

514B-106.5 Service of process

  514B-107 Board; limitations

  514B-108 Bylaws

  514B-109 Restatement of declaration and bylaws

  514B-110 Bylaws amendment permitted; mixed use property;

           representation on board

  514B-111 Judicial power to excuse compliance with

           requirements of declaration or bylaws

  514B-112 Condominium community mutual obligations

  514B-113 Medical cannabis; discrimination


         B.  Governance - Elections and Meetings

  514B-121 Association meetings

  514B-122 Association meetings; minutes

  514B-123 Association meetings; voting; proxies

  514B-124 Association meetings; purchaser's right to vote

514B-124.5 Voting for elections; cumulative voting

  514B-125 Board meetings

  514B-126 Board meetings; minutes


         C.  Operations

  514B-131 Operation of the property

  514B-132 Managing agents

  514B-133 Association employees; background check; prohibition

  514B-134 Management and contracts; developer, managing

           agent, and association

  514B-135 Termination of contracts and leases of developer

  514B-136 Transfer of developer rights

  514B-137 Upkeep of condominium

  514B-138 Upkeep of condominium; high-risk components

  514B-139 Upkeep of condominium; disposition of

           unclaimed possessions

  514B-140 Additions to and alterations of condominium

  514B-141 Tort and contract liability; tolling

           of limitation period

  514B-142 Aging in place or disabled; limitation on liability

  514B-143 Insurance

  514B-144 Association fiscal matters; assessments for

           common expenses

  514B-145 Association fiscal matters; collection of unpaid

           assessments from tenants or rental agents

  514B-146 Association fiscal matters; lien for assessments

514B-146.5 Association fiscal matters; supplemental nonjudicial

           foreclosure notices; restrictions on power of sale

  514B-147 Association fiscal matters; other liens affecting

           the condominium

  514B-148 Association fiscal matters; budgets and reserves

  514B-149 Association fiscal matters; handling and disbursement

           of funds

  514B-150 Association fiscal matters; audits, audited

           financial statement

  514B-151 Association fiscal matters; lease rent renegotiation

  514B-152 Association records; generally

  514B-153 Association records; records to be maintained

  514B-154 Association records; availability; disposal;


514B-154.5 Association documents to be provided

  514B-155 Association as trustee

  514B-156 Pets

  514B-157 Attorneys' fees, delinquent assessments, and

           expenses of enforcement


         D.  Alternative Dispute Resolution

  514B-161 Mediation

  514B-162 Arbitration

514B-162.5 Voluntary binding arbitration

  514B-163 Trial de novo and appeal


          Part VII.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  514B-191 Retaliation prohibited




  "L 2017, c 181, §45 (effective January 1, 2019) provides...", as shown in the main volume, is superceded by "L 2017, c 181, §45, as amended by L 2019, c 223, §1, provides:

  'SECTION 45.  Condominium property regimes created prior to July 1, 2006, that were issued an effective date pursuant to sections 514A-40 and 514A-41, Hawaii Revised Statutes, may be sold on or after January 1, 2019, without revising any of the governing documents; provided that the developer's public report was active, non-expired, and accurate between January 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020, pursuant to sections 514A-40 and 514A-41, Hawaii Revised Statutes, along with their most recent disclosure abstract, if any, will be treated as non-expiring developer's public reports under part IV of chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes.  Chapter 514A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, developer's public reports shall be treated as non-expiring chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes, developer's reports on the first day their respective report was accurate and had an active effective date between January 1, 2019, and July 1, 2020.  Should any pertinent or material changes, or both, occur to the condominium project, the developer shall file a developer's public report superseding all prior reports pursuant to section 514B-56, Hawaii Revised Statutes; provided that such projects and their subsequent reports filed under chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes, shall be exempt from the conversion requirements under section 514B-84(a)(1) and (2), Hawaii Revised Statutes.  On July 1, 2020, condominium property regimes created prior to July 1, 2006, that were not issued an effective date pursuant to sections 514A-40 and 514A-41, Hawaii Revised Statutes, did not file a notice of intent pursuant to section 514A-1.5(2)(B), Hawaii Revised Statutes, or have effective dates expired prior to January 1, 2019, shall revise their governing documents and register under chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes, for a developer to offer for sale or to sell condominiums.

  A condominium property regime registered under chapter 514A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, shall not be required to revise its governing documents to comply with chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes, for sales of time share interests to be made in the condominium property regime.

  Nothing contained in this Act or in the condominium property act shall be deemed to invalidate any condominium property regime that was validly created under chapter 514A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, prior to July 1, 2006.'"

  Election to register a chapter 514A condominium under chapter 514B.  L 2005, c 93, §9; L 2007, c 244, §8.

  Study of the land subdivision and condominium property regime laws as they relate to agricultural land on Oahu and how these laws interact with city and county of Honolulu zoning ordinances; report to 2021 legislature.  L 2019, c 278, §§1 to 3.


Cross References


  Building permit requirements on new developments in school impact districts, see §46-142.5.

  Placement of clotheslines, see §196-8.5.