Part I.  General Provisions


   551E-1 Definitions

   551E-2 Applicability

   551E-3 Power of attorney

   551E-4 Nomination of conservator or guardian; relation

          of agent to court-appointed fiduciary

   551E-5 Effective date of power of attorney

   551E-6 Termination of power of attorney or agent's


   551E-7 Co-agents and successor agents

   551E-8 Reimbursement and compensation of agent

   551E-9 Agent's acceptance

  551E-10 Agent's duties

  551E-11 Exoneration of agent

  551E-12 Judicial relief

  551E-13 Agent's liability

  551E-14 Agent's resignation; notice

  551E-15 Acceptance of and reliance upon acknowledged

          power of attorney

  551E-16 Liability for refusal to accept acknowledged

          power of attorney

  551E-17 Principles of law and equity

  551E-18 Laws applicable to financial institutions and


  551E-19 Remedies under other law


         Part II.  Authority

  551E-31 Authority that requires specific grant; grant of

          general authority

  551E-32 Incorporation of authority

  551E-33 Construction of authority generally

  551E-34 Real property

  551E-35 Tangible personal property

  551E-36 Stocks and bonds

  551E-37 Commodities and options

  551E-38 Banks and other financial institutions

  551E-39 Operation of entity or business

  551E-40 Insurance and annuities

  551E-41 Estates, trusts, and other beneficial interests

  551E-42 Claims and litigation

  551E-43 Personal and family maintenance

  551E-44 Benefits from governmental programs or civil or

          military service

  551E-45 Retirement plans

  551E-46 Taxes

  551E-47 Gifts


         Part III.  Statutory Forms

  551E-51 Statutory form power of attorney

  551E-52 Agent's certification


         Part IV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  551E-61 Uniformity of application and construction

  551E-62 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and

          National Commerce Act

  551E-63 Effect on existing powers of attorney


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.


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