551 Guardians and Wards

  551A Office of the Public Guardian

  551D Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act--Repealed

  551E Uniform Power of Attorney Act

  551G Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings

       Jurisdiction Act

   552 Uniform Veteran's Guardianship Act--Repealed

   553 Uniform Gifts to Minors Act--Repealed

  553A Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

   554 Trusts and Trustees; Accounts

  554A Uniform Trustees' Powers Act--Repealed

  554B Uniform Custodial Trust Act

  554C Uniform Prudent Investor Act--Repealed

  554D Uniform Trust Code

  554G Permitted Transfers in Trust

   555 Employees Trust

   556 Uniform Fiduciaries Act

  556A Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act

   557 Revised Uniform Principal and Income Act--Repealed

  557A Uniform Principal and Income Act

   558 Land Trusts--Beneficiary Controlled


Cross References


  Uniform disclaimer of property interests act, see chapter 526.





        General Provisions


    551-1 Jurisdiction

    551-2 Guardian ad litem; next friend; appointment


        Guardian of Minors

   551-11 to 13 Repealed


        Testamentary Guardians of Minors

  551-16, 17 Repealed


        Guardians and Disposition of Small Estates

   551-21 Small estates; clerk of the court to act when

   551-22 Estates less than $100


        Guardians of Insane Persons and Spendthrifts

   551-26 to 34 Repealed

   551-35 Natural guardian and conservator of person alleged

          to be incapacitated or in need of protective



        Guardians of Nonresidents

   551-41 to 43 Repealed


        Conservator for Absentee

   551-46 to 48 Repealed


        General Powers and Duties of Guardians

   551-51 to 64 Repealed


        Sale of Real Estate

    551-71 to 91 Repealed


Cross References


  Uniform Probate Code, see chapter 560, Article V.


Rules of Court


  See Hawaii Probate Rules.

  Applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(a)(2), (f), (g), (h), (j).

  Proceedings not governed by Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see RCC rule 31.