532-1 Issue includes whom

    532-2 To heirs

    532-3 Actual possession not requisite

    532-4 General rules of descent

    532-5 From unmarried minor child

    532-6 To child born to parents not married to each other

    532-7 From persons born to parents not married to each other

    532-8 Kindred of half blood

    532-9 Posthumous children

   532-10 Advancements; effect of

   532-11 Advancement; valuation of

   532-12 What not advancements

   532-13 Procedure if partition undesirable

   532-14 Disposition by State

   532-15 Repealed




  Sections 532-1 through 532-15 are applicable to matters relating to persons who died, and rights accrued, prior to July 1, 1977, and such law shall continue in full force and effect as to any such rights notwithstanding the provisions of chapter 560, and the revisor of statutes is instructed to retain these sections in the Hawaii Revised Statutes.  L 1976, c 200, §1(8-102(16)).


Cross References


  Intestate succession and wills, see chapter 560, Article II.