481C-1 Definitions

481C-2 Deceptive trade practice

481C-2.5 Unlicensed contracting

481C-3 Balloon payments

481C-4 Penalties

481C-5 Inconsistencies with federal laws

481C-6 Compliance with credit sale contract law



Cross References


Water treatment units, see 481H-6.


Case Notes


Trial court correctly applied the discretionary language of 481C-1 in ruling that plaintiff roofing contractor did not "solicit" homeowner to purchase new roof, so as to bring the transaction under the provisions of this chapter where homeowner approached contractor at a home show and requested a home visit to discuss the suitability and cost of a new roof, contacted the contractor on another occasion and visited the company's warehouse prior to the start of work, and contractor visited home several times to discuss the project with homeowner. 110 H. 248, 131 P.3d 1230.


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