489E-3 Scope. (a) This chapter shall apply to electronic records and electronic signatures relating to a transaction.

(b) This chapter does not apply to a transaction to the extent it is governed by:

(1) A law governing the creation and execution of wills, codicils, or testamentary trusts;

(2) The Uniform Commercial Code other than section 490:1-201, article 2, and article 2A; and

(3) A law or rule governing notice of:

[(A)] Default, including but not limited to notices relating to acceleration, repossession, eviction, foreclosure, or the right to cure;

[(B)] Utility shutoff, including water, telephone, gas and electricity; or

[(C)] Cancellation, termination, lapse, or material alteration of a contract of insurance, insurance benefits, life settlement or viatical settlement agreement, or service contract.

(c) This chapter applies to an electronic record or electronic signature otherwise excluded from the application of this chapter under subsection (b) when used for a transaction subject to a law other than those specified in subsection (b).

(d) A transaction subject to this chapter is also subject to other applicable substantive law. [L 2000, c 282, pt of 1; am L 2004, c 162, 3; am L 2008, c 19, 78]



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