437D-1 Short title

437D-2 Scope

437D-3 Definitions

437D-4 Rental agreements; delivery to director

437D-5 Rental agreements; damage waivers

437D-5.5 Offers or sales of collision insurance by lessors or

limited line motor vehicle rental company producers

437D-6 Additional mandatory charges prohibited

437D-7 Rate disclosure requirements; advertising

437D-8 Rate disclosure requirements; oral or written


437D-8.4 License and registration fees

437D-8.5 Commissions

437D-8.6 Damage waiver statistics

437D-9 Posting requirements

437D-10 Pamphleting requirements

437D-11 Acknowledgment by lessee

437D-12 Deposit or advance charge prohibited; payment

for damages to rental motor vehicle

437D-13 Notice and posting required concerning motor vehicle


437D-14 Fuel charges

437D-15 Unfair trade practices

437D-16 Application of insurance laws

437D-17 Exceptions to posting requirements

437D-17.5 Rental agreements; unpaid traffic infractions

437D-18 Power and duties of the director

437D-19 Civil penalties




Motor vehicle rental industry to report to 2019 legislature on the effect of L 2017, c 137 on the average vehicle license recovery fee charged to each customer. L 2017, c 137, 4.

Rental car companies; annual audit by a third party certified public accountant, beginning March 1, 2019. L 2017, c 137, 5.


Cross References


Lease-purchase agreements for personal property, see chapter 481M.

Motor vehicle lease disclosure act, see chapter 481L.

Terminal rental adjustment clause, see 286-52.4.



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