431 Insurance Code

  431A Readability of Insurance Contracts--Repealed

  431C Life Settlements

  431D Insurance Company Insolvency--Repealed

  431E Life Settlements--Repealed

  431F Hawaii Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty

       Association Act--Repealed

  431H Insurance Information Protection Act--Repealed

  431J Captive Insurance Companies--Repealed

  431K Risk Retention

  431L Medicaid-Related Mandates

  431M Mental Health and Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder

       Treatment Insurance Benefits

  431N State Health Insurance Program Act

  431P Hawaii Hurricane Relief Fund

  431R Prescription Drug Benefits

  431S Pharmacy Benefit Managers

   432 Benefit Societies

  432C Nonprofit Entities; Conversion of Assets

  432D Health Maintenance Organization Act

  432E Patients' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Act

  432F Health Care Provider Network Adequacy--Repealed

  432G Dental Insurers

   433 Mutual and Fraternal Benefit Societies--Repealed

   434 Insurance by Fraternal Benefit Societies--Repealed

   435 Credit Life Insurance and Credit Disability


  435C Hawaii Medical Malpractice Underwriting Plan

  435E Physicians and Surgeons Cooperative Indemnity

  435H Hawaii Health Insurance Exchange--Repealed


Cross References


  For disposition of repealed provisions, see Insurance Law Revision reference table (1987) at end of chapter 435.

  Service contracts, see chapter 481X.





     REPEALED.  L 1987, c 347, §1.


Cross References


  For disposition of repealed provisions, see Insurance Law Revision reference table (1987) at end of chapter 435.







        Part I.  General Provisions


    431:1-100 Short title

  431:1-100.5 Purpose

    431:1-101 Compliance required

    431:1-102 Public interest

    431:1-103 Headings

    431:1-104 Particular provisions prevail

    431:1-105 Records, statements and reports


        Part II.  General Definitions

    431:1-201 Insurance defined

    431:1-202 Insurer defined

    431:1-203 Classes of insurance

    431:1-204 Life insurance defined

    431:1-205 Accident and health or sickness insurance


    431:1-206 Property insurance defined

    431:1-207 Marine and transportation insurance defined

    431:1-208 Vehicle insurance defined

    431:1-209 General casualty insurance defined

    431:1-210 Surety insurance defined

    431:1-211 Ocean marine insurance defined

    431:1-212 Person defined

    431:1-213 State defined

    431:1-214 United States defined

    431:1-215 Transaction of an insurance business

    431:1-216 General business practice

    431:1-217 Insurance policies issued to construction





        Part I.  Insurance Division

     431:2-101 Insurance division

     431:2-102 Insurance commissioner

     431:2-103 Salary

     431:2-104 Seal

     431:2-105 Deputies, employees

   431:2-105.5 Staff

     431:2-106 Ethical requirements for insurance division


     431:2-107 Workers' compensation rate analysis

     431:2-108 Commissioner may delegate

     431:2-109 Supplies, convention blanks

     431:2-110 Offices


         Part II.  Powers and Duties of Commissioner

     431:2-201 General powers and duties

   431:2-201.2 Standards for commissioner

   431:2-201.3 Criminal convictions; consent to engage

               in business

   431:2-201.5 Conformity to federal law

   431:2-201.8 Sales to members of the armed forces

     431:2-202 Orders and notices

   431:2-202.5 Approval; when deemed effective

     431:2-203 Enforcement

     431:2-204 Commissioner's power to subpoena

     431:2-205 Commissioner to receive service of legal


               on foreign or alien insurer

     431:2-206 How service on commissioner made

     431:2-207 Contempt proceedings

     431:2-208 Access to records

     431:2-209 Records and reports

     431:2-210 Copies and certificates as evidence

     431:2-211 Annual report

     431:2-212 Interstate cooperation

     431:2-214 The commissioner's education and training fund

     431:2-215 Deposits to compliance resolution fund

     431:2-216 Assessments of health insurers

     431:2-217 Trade name


        Part III.  Investigations, Examinations, Hearings

                   and Appeals

     431:2-301 Purpose

   431:2-301.5 Examiner defined

   431:2-301.6 Conflict of interest

   431:2-301.7 Conduct of examinations

   431:2-301.8 Immunity from liability

     431:2-302 Authority, scope, and scheduling of


     431:2-303 Examination of producers, adjusters, promoters,

               and independent bill reviewers

     431:2-304 Examination of guaranty associations

     431:2-305 Examination reports

     431:2-306 Examination expense

     431:2-307 Repealed

   431:2-307.5 Reimbursement and compensation of examiners;

               source of funds; disposition of receipts

     431:2-308 Administrative procedure act applies


          Part IV.  Insurance Fraud

     431:2-401 Definitions

     431:2-402 Insurance fraud investigations branch

     431:2-403 Insurance fraud

     431:2-404 Restitution

     431:2-405 Insurance fraud; administrative penalties

     431:2-406 Administrative procedures

     431:2-407 Acceptance of payment

     431:2-408 Civil cause of action for insurance fraud;


     431:2-409 Mandatory reporting

     431:2-410 Deposit into the compliance resolution fund




    431:2D-101 Legislative intent

    431:2D-102 Definitions

    431:2D-103 Domestic responsibility and deference to other


    431:2D-104 Market analysis procedures

    431:2D-105 Protocols for market conduct actions

    431:2D-106 Protocols for market conduct examinations

    431:2D-107 Confidentiality requirements

    431:2D-108 Market conduct surveillance personnel

    431:2D-109 Immunity for market conduct surveillance


    431:2D-110 Fines and penalties

    431:2D-111 Data collection and participation in national

               market conduct databases

    431:2D-112 Coordination with other states through the

               National Association of Insurance Commissioners

    431:2D-113 Additional duties of the commissioner

    431:2D-114 Data calls




        Part I.  Definitions

     431:3-101 Alien insurer

     431:3-102 Capital funds

     431:3-103 Charter

     431:3-104 Domestic insurer

     431:3-105 Foreign insurer

     431:3-106 Mutual insurer

     431:3-107 Reciprocal insurance

     431:3-108 Reciprocal insurer

     431:3-109 Reinsurance

     431:3-110 Stock insurer


        Part II.  Certificate of Authority

     431:3-201 Authority required

     431:3-202 Insurer's name

     431:3-203 Qualifications for authority

   431:3-203.5 Foreign insurer; certification

     431:3-204 Classes of insurance authorized

     431:3-205 Funds required of new insurers

     431:3-206 Additional funds required, new insurers

     431:3-207 Noncompliance as to capital stock and surplus

               permitted certain insurers for five years

     431:3-208 Funds required of existing and new insurers for

               transacting additional classes of insurance

     431:3-209 Deposits of alien and foreign insurers; special


     431:3-210 Determination of capital funds of alien insurer

     431:3-211 Repealed

     431:3-212 Application for authority

   431:3-212.5 Redomestication of authorized insurers

     431:3-213 Authority issued or denied

     431:3-214 Extension; amendment

     431:3-215 Withdrawal from State; obligations

     431:3-216 Mandatory refusal, suspension or revocation


     431:3-217 Discretionary refusal, suspension or revocation


     431:3-218 Procedure upon revocation; suspension of

               certificate of authority

     431:3-219 Suspension period; revocation

     431:3-220 Revival

     431:3-221 Power to fine


        Part III.  Annual Requirements and Limiting


     431:3-301 Annual and quarterly filings with commissioner

     431:3-302 Annual and quarterly filings with the National

               Association of Insurance Commissioners

   431:3-302.5 Annual audit

     431:3-303 Immunity

     431:3-304 Confidentiality

   431:3-304.5 Statement of actuarial opinion; property

               and casualty insurance; confidentiality

     431:3-305 Accounts; records

     431:3-306 Limit of risk

   431:3-306.5 Residential hurricane coverage

     431:3-307 Free insurance

     431:3-308 Alien government owned insurers

     431:3-309 Disclosure of profits by insurers


        Part IV.  Risk-Based Capital for Insurers

     431:3-401 Definitions

     431:3-402 Risk-based capital reports

     431:3-403 Company action level event

     431:3-404 Regulatory action level event

     431:3-405 Authorized control level event

     431:3-406 Mandatory control level event

     431:3-407 Hearing

     431:3-408 Confidentiality and prohibition on


               prohibition on use in ratemaking

     431:3-409 Supplemental provisions; rules; exceptions

     431:3-410 Foreign insurers

     431:3-411 Severability

     431:3-412 Notices

     431:3-413 Phase-in provision

     431:3-414 Immunity




        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:3A-101 Purpose; scope; applicability

    431:3A-102 Definitions


        Part II.  Privacy and Opt Out Notices for Financial


    431:3A-201 Initial privacy notice to consumers required

    431:3A-202 Annual privacy notice to customers required

    431:3A-203 Information to be included in privacy notices

    431:3A-204 Form of opt out notice to consumers and opt out


    431:3A-205 Revised privacy notices

    431:3A-206 Delivery


        Part III.  Limits on Disclosures of Financial


    431:3A-301 Limits on disclosure of nonpublic personal

               financial information to nonaffiliated third


    431:3A-302 Limits on redisclosure and reuse of nonpublic

               personal financial information

    431:3A-303 Limits on sharing account number information

               for marketing purposes


        Part IV.  Exceptions to Limits on Disclosures of

                  Financial Information

    431:3A-401 Exception to opt out requirements for

               disclosure of nonpublic personal financial

               information for service providers and for joint


    431:3A-402 Exceptions to notice and opt out requirements

               for disclosure of nonpublic personal financial

               information for processing and servicing


    431:3A-403 Other exceptions to notice and opt out

               requirements for disclosure of nonpublic

               personal financial information


        Part V.  Additional Provisions

    431:3A-501 Protection of Fair Credit Reporting Act

    431:3A-502 Nondiscrimination

    431:3A-503 Violation

    431:3A-504 Rules




        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:3B-101 Definitions

    431:3B-102 Powers of the commissioner

    431:3B-103 Confidentiality

    431:3B-104 Exceptions

    431:3B-105 Penalties

    431:3B-106 Private cause of action

    431:3B-107 Rules


        Part II.  Information Security Program

    431:3B-201 Implementation of an information security program

    431:3B-202 Objectives of the information security program;

               risk assessment

    431:3B-203 Risk management

    431:3B-204 Oversight by board of directors

    431:3B-205 Oversight of third-party service provider


    431:3B-206 Program adjustments

    431:3B-207 Incident response plan

    431:3B-208 Annual certification to commissioner


        Part III.  Cybersecurity Events

    431:3B-301 Investigation of a cybersecurity event

    431:3B-302 Notification of a cybersecurity event

    431:3B-303 Notification to consumers

    431:3B-304 Notice regarding cybersecurity events of third-

               party service providers

    431:3B-305 Notice regarding cybersecurity events of

               reinsures to insurers

    431:3B-306 Notice regarding cybersecurity events of insurers

               to producers of record





     431:3D-101 Scope and purpose

     431:3D-102 Definitions

     431:3D-103 Risk management framework

     431:3D-104 Own risk and solvency assessment requirement

     431:3D-105 Own risk and solvency assessment summary


     431:3D-106 Exemption

     431:3D-107 Contents of own risk and solvency assessment

                summary report

     431:3D-108 Confidentiality

     431:3D-109 Sanctions

     431:3D-110 Severability




     431:3G-101 Purpose and scope

     431:3G-102 Definitions

     431:3G-103 Disclosure requirement

     431:3G-104 Rules

     431:3G-105 Contents of corporate governance annual


     431:3G-106 Confidentiality

     431:3G-107 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

                and third-party consultants

     431:3G-108 Sanctions

     431:3G-109 Severability




        Part I.  Organization, Powers and Sale of Securities

                 of Domestic Insurers

     431:4-101 Definitions

     431:4-102 Types of insurers permitted

     431:4-103 Corporation law applies in general

     431:4-104 Articles of incorporation

     431:4-105 Affidavit

     431:4-106 Board of directors

   431:4-106.5 Membership in mutual or subscriber in

               reciprocal insurers; no personal liability

               of representative

     431:4-107 Solicitation permit required

     431:4-108 Application for a solicitation permit

     431:4-109 Permit issued or denied

     431:4-110 Bond or cash deposit

     431:4-111 Expiration and contents

     431:4-112 Permit not an inducement

     431:4-113 Organization solicitor's license

     431:4-114 Revocation of solicitation permit

     431:4-115 Escrow of funds

     431:4-116 Expense pending completion

     431:4-117 Issuance and forfeiture of securities

     431:4-118 Insurance application

     431:4-119 Refund upon failure to complete or qualify or

               upon revocation of solicitation permit

     431:4-120 Subsequent financing

     431:4-121 False exhibits

     431:4-122 Depositaries

     431:4-123 Corrupt practices

     431:4-124 Prohibited guaranty

     431:4-125 Fees on use of funds

     431:4-126 Comply with foreign laws

     431:4-127 Solicitation in other states


        Part II.  Domestic Stock Insurers

     431:4-201 Other laws applicable

     431:4-202 Increase of capital

     431:4-203 Decrease of capital

     431:4-204 Dividends to stockholders

     431:4-205 Illegal dividends; reductions

     431:4-206 Repayment of contributed surplus

     431:4-207 Participating policies

     431:4-208 Statement by beneficial owner, director,


     431:4-209 Recovery of profits realized

     431:4-210 Unlawful sales of equity security

     431:4-211 Exempt transactions

     431:4-212 Arbitrage transactions not affected

     431:4-213 Exempt equity securities

     431:4-214 Rules and regulations


        Part IIA.  Proxies, Consents, and Authorizations

                   of Domestic Stock Insurers

     431:4-231 Applicability

     431:4-232 Schedule A:  information required in a

               proxy statement

     431:4-233 Schedule B:  information to be included in

               statements filed by or on behalf of a

               participant other than an insurer in a

               proxy solicitation in an election contest

     431:4-234 Proxies, consents, and authorizations

     431:4-235 Schedules and exhibits

     431:4-236 Disclosure of equivalent information

     431:4-237 Definitions

     431:4-238 Information to be furnished to stockholders

     431:4-239 Requirements as to proxy

     431:4-240 Material required to be filed

     431:4-241 False or misleading statements

     431:4-242 Prohibition of certain solicitations

     431:4-243 Election contests; applicability

     431:4-244 Filing of information required by schedule B

     431:4-245 Solicitations prior to furnishing required

               written proxy statement

     431:4-246 Solicitation prior to furnishing required

               written proxy statement; filing requirements

     431:4-247 Application of this part to annual report


        Part III.  Domestic Mutual Insurers

     431:4-301 Other articles applicable

     431:4-302 Initial qualifications for mutual insurers

     431:4-303 Mutual property insurer

     431:4-304 Mutual casualty insurer

     431:4-305 Mutual vehicle insurer

     431:4-306 Mutual life insurer

     431:4-307 Mutual accident and health or sickness insurer

     431:4-308 Membership

     431:4-309 Rights of members

     431:4-310 Bylaws

     431:4-311 Notice of annual meeting

     431:4-312 Members proxies

     431:4-313 Directors

     431:4-314 Limitation on expenses incurred in writing

               property and casualty

     431:4-315 Violation of expense limitation

     431:4-316 Actions on officers' salaries

     431:4-317 Contingent liability of members

     431:4-318 Accrual of liability

     431:4-319 Contingent liability as asset

     431:4-320 Lien on reserves

     431:4-321 Nonassessable policies

     431:4-322 Applies to all policies

     431:4-323 Revocation of authority

     431:4-324 Dividends

     431:4-325 Nonparticipating policies

     431:4-326 Members' share of assets


        Part IV.  Reciprocal Insurers

     431:4-401 Application of other sections

     431:4-402 Scope

     431:4-403 Insuring powers of reciprocals

     431:4-404 Suits

     431:4-405 Attorney

     431:4-406 Power of attorney

     431:4-407 Modifications

     431:4-408 Organization of reciprocal insurers

     431:4-409 Application for authority; declaration required

     431:4-410 Policies effective

     431:4-411 Attorney's bond

     431:4-412 Deposit in lieu

     431:4-413 Actions on bond

     431:4-414 Subscribers

     431:4-415 Subscribers' advisory committee

     431:4-416 Subscriber's liability

     431:4-417 Subscriber's liability on judgments

     431:4-418 Aggregate liability

     431:4-419 Assessment

     431:4-420 Time limit for assessment

     431:4-421 Nonassessable policies

     431:4-422 Contributions of surplus

     431:4-423 Share in savings

     431:4-424 Subscriber's share of assets

     431:4-425 Repealed


        Part V.  Reorganization and Conversion of Domestic


     431:4-501 Reorganization, merger or consolidation

     431:4-502 Mutualization of stock insurers

     431:4-503 Conversion or reinsurance of mutual insurer

     431:4-504 Merger or conversion of reciprocal insurer




    431:4A-101 Credit allowed a domestic ceding insurer

    431:4A-102 Asset or reduction from liability for

               reinsurance ceded by a domestic insurer to

               an assuming insurer

    431:4A-103 Qualified United States financial institutions

    431:4A-104 Rules

    431:4A-105 Repealed




    431:4F-101 Definitions

    431:4F-102 Scope

    431:4F-103 Authorization of entry

    431:4F-104 Maintenance of trust account

    431:4F-105 Requirements for trust agreement

    431:4F-106 Reporting requirements for United States

               branches of alien insurers

    431:4F-107 Additional requirements for United States

               branch license

    431:4F-108 Authority of commissioner




        Part I.  Standards

     431:5-101 Impairment of capital

     431:5-102 Impairment of surplus

     431:5-103 Impairment of reciprocal's surplus


        Part II.  Assets and Liabilities

     431:5-201 Qualified assets

     431:5-202 Assets not allowed

     431:5-203 Liabilities

     431:5-204 Determining financial condition of reciprocal



        Part III.  Reserves and Valuation

     431:5-301 Unearned premium reserve

     431:5-302 Unearned premium reserve for marine and


     431:5-303 Active life reserves and unearned premium

               reserves for noncancellable disability


     431:5-304 Loss reserves for liability and workers'

               compensation insurance

     431:5-305 Increased reserves

     431:5-306 Reserve credit for reinsurance

     431:5-307 Standard valuation law; life

     431:5-308 Valuation of bonds

     431:5-309 Valuation of other securities

     431:5-310 Valuation of property

     431:5-311 Valuation of purchase money mortgages


        Part IV.  Rules

     431:5-401 Rules




        Part I.  General Provisions

     431:6-101 Definitions pertaining to investments

     431:6-102 Merged, reorganized institutions

     431:6-103 Eligible investments; scope

     431:6-104 General qualifications

     431:6-105 General limitations

     431:6-106 Record of investments


        Part II.  Mandatory Provisions

     431:6-201 Required investments for capital and reserves


        Part III.  Permitted Investments

     431:6-301 Public obligations

     431:6-302 Corporate obligations

     431:6-303 Preferred or guaranteed stocks or shares

     431:6-304 Trustees or receivers obligations

     431:6-305 Equipment trust obligations

     431:6-306 Mortgage loans and contracts

     431:6-307 Mortgage loan limited by property value

     431:6-308 Encumbrance defined

     431:6-309 Appraisal; insurance; limit

     431:6-310 Security agreements

     431:6-311 Real property owned

     431:6-312 Time limit for disposal

     431:6-313 Foreign securities

     431:6-314 Policy loans

     431:6-315 Banks, savings and loan associations, credit

               unions, and financial services loan companies

     431:6-316 Insurance stocks

     431:6-317 Common stocks

     431:6-318 Collateral loans

     431:6-319 Miscellaneous investments

     431:6-320 Special consent investments

     431:6-321 Hedging transactions

     431:6-322 Common trust funds; mutual funds; and exchange

               traded funds

     431:6-323 Separate accounts

     431:6-324 Subsidiaries


        Part IV.  Prohibited Investments and Limitations

     431:6-401 Prohibited investments

     431:6-402 Securities underwriting; agreements to

               withhold or to repurchase

     431:6-403 Disposal of ineligible property and securities

     431:6-404 Authorization of investments


        Part V.  Investment of Foreign and Alien Insurers

     431:6-501 Investments of foreign, alien insurers


        Part VI.  Investment Pools

     431:6-601 Insurer investment pools

     431:6-602 Securities lending, repurchase, reverse

               repurchase, and dollar roll; investment pools




        Part I.  Fees

     431:7-101 Fees


        Part II.  Taxes

     431:7-201 Annual and monthly tax statements

     431:7-202 Taxation

   431:7-202.5 Additions to taxes for noncompliance or

               evasion; interest on underpayments and


     431:7-203 Administrative refunds

     431:7-204 In lieu provision

   431:7-204.5 Appeals

   431:7-204.6 Limitation period for assessment, levy,

               collection, or refund

     431:7-205 Reports to department of taxation

     431:7-206 Domestic company credit for retaliatory taxes

               paid other states

     431:7-207 Tax credit to facilitate regulatory oversight

     431:7-208 Low-income housing, insurance premium

               tax credit

     431:7-209 High technology business investment tax credit


        Part III.  Deposits

     431:7-301 Deposits of insurers

     431:7-302 Purpose of deposit

     431:7-303 Securities eligible for deposit

     431:7-304 Record and receipt

     431:7-305 Transfer of securities

     431:7-306 Director may designate depositary

     431:7-307 Responsibility for deposits

     431:7-308 Dividends and substitutions

     431:7-309 Release of deposit

     431:7-310 Voluntary excess deposit

     431:7-311 Not subject to levy




        Part I.  General Provisions

     431:8-101 Scope

     431:8-102 Definitions


        Part II.  Unauthorized Insurers

     431:8-201 Transacting insurance business without

               certificate of authority prohibited

     431:8-202 Acting for or aiding unauthorized insurer


     431:8-203 Validity of contracts illegally effectuated

     431:8-204 Liability of person assisting unauthorized


     431:8-205 Insurance independently procured; duty to

               report and pay tax

     431:8-206 Commissioner may enjoin unauthorized insurers

     431:8-207 Legal process against unauthorized insurer; how

               service of process made

     431:8-208 Defense of action by unauthorized insurer; bond

     431:8-209 Attorney's fees

     431:8-210 Advertising prohibited

     431:8-211 Penalties


        Part III.  Surplus Lines Insurance

     431:8-300 Exemptions from surplus lines law

     431:8-301 Insurance placed with unauthorized insurer


     431:8-302 Surplus lines insurers

    431:8-303, 304 Repealed

     431:8-305 Evidence of insurance; changes; penalties

     431:8-306 Signature of broker and special endorsement of

               surplus lines policy

     431:8-307 Broker's duty to notify insured

     431:8-308 Surplus lines insurance valid

     431:8-309 Effect of payment to surplus lines broker

     431:8-310 Surplus lines broker license required;

               application and qualifications for license

     431:8-311 Compensation

     431:8-312 Records of surplus lines broker

     431:8-313 Surplus lines broker's reports to commissioner

     431:8-314 Surplus lines advisory organizations

     431:8-315 Tax on surplus lines

     431:8-316 Penalty for failure to file statement or remit


     431:8-317 License denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or


     431:8-318 Examination of surplus lines broker's

               accounts and records

     431:8-319 Actions against surplus lines insurer;

               service of process

     431:8-320 Penalties

     431:8-321 Nonresident licensing

     431:8-322 Reciprocity

     431:8-323 Exemption from examination

     431:8-324 Surplus lines broker license examination

     431:8-325 Scope of examination

     431:8-326 Time of examinations

     431:8-327 Prerequisites for license renewal

     431:8-328 Continuing education recordkeeping

     431:8-329 Commissioner's authority to grant waiver




        Part I.  General Provisions

     431:9-101 Scope

     431:9-102 to 104 Repealed

     431:9-105 Definitions


        Part II.  Licensing Requirements, Procedures and


     431:9-201 License required; exception

     431:9-202 Repealed

     431:9-203 General qualifications for license

     431:9-204 Applications for license

     431:9-205 Repealed

     431:9-206 Examinations for license

     431:9-207 Scope of examination

     431:9-208 Time of examinations

     431:9-209 Advisory board

     431:9-210 to 221 Repealed

     431:9-222 Qualification for adjuster's license

   431:9-222.5 Claims adjusters; limited license

     431:9-223 Public adjuster's bond

     431:9-224 Separate licenses

     431:9-225 Form of adjusters' license

     431:9-226 Powers conferred by an adjuster's license

     431:9-227 Adjuster; restrictions

     431:9-228 Place of business

     431:9-229 Records of adjuster or independent bill


     431:9-230 Reporting and accounting for funds

     431:9-231 Repealed

     431:9-232 Extension of licenses

    431:9-233, 234 Repealed

   431:9-234.5 Reporting of actions

     431:9-235 Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses

   431:9-235.5 Suspension or denial of license for


               with support order

     431:9-236 Repealed

     431:9-237 Duration of suspension

     431:9-238 Power to fine

     431:9-239 Reinstatement or relicensing

     431:9-240 Fine in lieu

     431:9-241 Repealed

     431:9-242 Compensation by contingency fee prohibited

     431:9-243 Qualification for independent bill reviewer's


     431:9-244 Contracts between public adjuster and insured


        Part III.  Continuing Education--Repealed

     431:9-301 to 305 Repealed




    431:9A-101 to 108 Repealed




        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:9A-101 Scope

    431:9A-102 Definitions

    431:9A-103 License required

    431:9A-104 Exceptions to licensing

    431:9A-105 Insurance producer license examination

    431:9A-106 Application for license

    431:9A-107 License

  431:9A-107.5 Limited license

    431:9A-108 Nonresident licensing

  431:9A-108.5 Process against nonresident licensees

    431:9A-109 Exemption from examination

    431:9A-110 Legal, trade, and assumed names

    431:9A-111 Temporary licensing

    431:9A-112 License denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or


  431:9A-112.3 Suspension or denial of license for

               noncompliance with support order

  431:9A-112.5 Controlled business

    431:9A-113 Commissions

    431:9A-114 Appointments

    431:9A-115 Notification to commissioner of termination

    431:9A-116 Reciprocity

    431:9A-117 Reporting of actions

    431:9A-118 Rules

    431:9A-119 Scope of examination

    431:9A-120 Time of examinations

    431:9A-121 Advisory board

    431:9A-122 Place of business

    431:9A-123 Records of insurance producer

  431:9A-123.5 Reporting and accounting for premiums

    431:9A-124 Prerequisites for license renewal

    431:9A-125 Continuing education recordkeeping

    431:9A-126 Power to fine

    431:9A-127 Fine in lieu

    431:9A-128 Nondiscrimination

    431:9A-129 Penalty

    431:9A-130 Commissioner's authority to grant waiver


        Part II.  Limited Lines Motor Vehicle Rental Company


    431:9A-141 Definitions

    431:9A-142 Requirements for license and renewal

    431:9A-143 Standard of conduct


        Part III.  Continuing Education Course Providers

    431:9A-151 Continuing education course provider


    431:9A-152 Continuing education course provider additional


    431:9A-153 Courses

    431:9A-154 Self-study courses

    431:9A-155 Carryover credits

    431:9A-156 Course instructors

    431:9A-157 Tuition

    431:9A-158 Reporting credit hours and recordkeeping

    431:9A-159 Advertising

    431:9A-160 Advisory committee


        Part IV.  Limited Lines Self-Service Storage Stored

                  Property Insurance

    431:9A-171 Definitions

    431:9A-172 Licensure of owners

    431:9A-173 Requirements for sale of stored property


    431:9A-174 Authority of owners

    431:9A-175 Sanctions for violations

    431:9A-176 Application for license and fees

    431:9a-177 Standard of conduct




    431:9B-101 Definitions

    431:9B-102 Licensure

    431:9B-103 Required contract provisions; reinsurance


    431:9B-104 Books and records; reinsurance


    431:9B-105 Duties of insurers utilizing the services of

               a reinsurance intermediary-broker

    431:9B-106 Required contract provisions; reinsurance


    431:9B-107 Prohibited acts

    431:9B-108 Duties of reinsurers utilizing the services of

               a reinsurance intermediary-manager

    431:9B-109 Examination authority

    431:9B-110 Penalties and liabilities

    431:9B-111 Rules




    431:9C-101 Definitions

    431:9C-102 Licensure

    431:9C-103 Required contract provisions

    431:9C-104 Duties of insurers

    431:9C-105 Examination authority

    431:9C-106 Penalties and liabilities

    431:9C-107 Rules




    431:9J-101  Definitions

    431:9J-102  License required; application

    431:9J-103  Surety bond required

    431:9J-104  Written agreement required

    431:9J-105  Effect of payments to administrator

    431:9J-106  Recordkeeping required; commissioner's access to


    431:9J-107  Advertising by administrator

    431:9J-108  Fiduciary duties of administrator; payment of

                claims by administrator

    431:9J-109  Compensation of administrator

    431:9J-110  Written notice to insureds required

    431:9J-111  Delivery of written information to insured

    431:9J-112  Annual report required

    431:9J-113  License denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or

                revocation; fines

    431:9J-114  Rules




    431:9N-101 Definitions

    431:9N-102 License denial, nonrenewal, suspension, or

               Revocation; trade name bar

    431:9N-103 Fiduciary responsibilities

    431:9N-104 Bail agent not to act as attorney




        Part I.  Readability of Insurance Contracts

    431:10-101 Scope; effective dates

    431:10-102 Definitions

    431:10-103 Exemptions of certain contracts

    431:10-104 General readability requirements

    431:10-105 Required reading test; authorization and


    431:10-106 Flesch reading ease test; procedures

    431:10-107 Filing of certificate

    431:10-108 Flesch reading ease score; lower score

               authorized; when

    431:10-109 Disclosure of health care coverage and benefits


        Part II.  General Rules

    431:10-201 Scope

    431:10-202 Definitions

    431:10-203 Power to contract

    431:10-204 Insurable interest required; personal


    431:10-205 Interest of the insured

    431:10-206 Application for insurance:  consent of insured


    431:10-207 Alteration of application

    431:10-208 Limitations on use of application as evidence

    431:10-209 Warranties, misrepresentations in applications

    431:10-210 Standard form fire insurance policy

    431:10-211 Content of policies in general

  431:10-211.3 Commercial general liability extended reporting


  431:10-211.5 Premium waiver provisions; restrictions

    431:10-212 Contract limitations for handicapped children

               and children with intellectual disabilities

    431:10-213 Repealed

    431:10-214 Right to return policy

    431:10-215 Readjustment of premiums; dividends

    431:10-216 Additional contents

    431:10-217 Charter, bylaw provisions

  431:10-217.5 Policies relating to domestic abuse cases

    431:10-218 Stated premium must include all charges

    431:10-219 Multi-peril policies, premiums stated


    431:10-220 Policy must contain entire contract

    431:10-221 Prohibited policy provisions:  limiting actions

               and jurisdictions

    431:10-222 Construction industry; indemnity agreements


  431:10-222.5 Pooled insurance

    431:10-223 Underwriters and combination policies

    431:10-224 Execution of policies

    431:10-225 Delivery of policy

    431:10-226 Renewal of policy; new policy not required

  431:10-226.5 Notice of cancellation or nonrenewal

    431:10-227 Retroactive annulment of liability policies


    431:10-228 Assignment of policies

    431:10-229 Dividends payable to the real party

    431:10-230 Payment discharges insurer

    431:10-231 Exemption of proceeds; accident and health or


    431:10-232 Exemption of proceeds; life, endowment and


    431:10-233 Exemption of proceeds; group life

    431:10-234 Spouses' and reciprocal beneficiaries' right in

               life insurance policy

    431:10-235 Forms for proof of loss furnished

    431:10-236 Claim administration not waiver

    431:10-237 Construction of policies

    431:10-238 Validity of noncomplying forms

    431:10-239 Intervening breach

    431:10-240 Insurance contracts; punitive damages

    431:10-241 Venue in certain actions

    431:10-242 Policyholder and other suits against insurer

    431:10-243 Interest upon proceeds of life insurance


    431:10-244 Filing procedure for contracts approved by






        Part I.  Individual Accident and Health or Sickness


   431:10A-101 Applications and exceptions

   431:10A-102 Accident and health or sickness insurance

               policy defined

 431:10A-102.5 Repealed

   431:10A-103 Family coverage defined

   431:10A-104 Form of policy

   431:10A-105 Required provisions

 431:10A-105.3 Association health plan policy; compliance with

               state law

 431:10A‑105.5 Federal law compliance

 431:10A-105.6 Prohibition on rescissions of coverage

 431:10A-105.7 Required disclaimer

   431:10A-106 Optional provisions

   431:10A-107 Inapplicable or inconsistent provisions

   431:10A-108 Order of certain policy provisions

   431:10A-109 Third party ownership

   431:10A-110 Requirements of other jurisdictions

   431:10A-111 Other policy provisions

   431:10A-112 Policy conflicting with this part

   431:10A-113 Filing procedure

   431:10A-114 Age limit

   431:10A-115 Coverage of newborn children

 431:10A-115.5 Coverage for child health supervision services

   431:10A-116 Coverage for specific services

 431:10A-116.2 Mammograms; referral not required

 431:10A-116.3 Coverage for telehealth

 431:10A-116.5 In vitro fertilization procedure coverage

 431:10A-116.6 Contraceptive services

 431:10A-116.7 Contraceptive services; religious employers


   431:10A-117 Franchise plan

   431:10A-118 Genetic information nondiscrimination in

               accident and health or sickness insurance


 431:10A-118.3 Nondiscrimination on the basis of actual

               gender identity or perceived gender identity;

               coverage for services

   431:10A-119 Hospice care coverage

   431:10A-120 Medical foods and low-protein modified food

               products; treatment of inborn error of

               metabolism; notice

   431:10A-121 Coverage for diabetes

   431:10A-122 Colon cancer screening coverage

   431:10A-125 Primary care provider; advanced practice

               registered nurse

   431:10A-126 Cancer treatment

   431:10A-131 Repealed

   431:10A-132 Orthodontic services for orofacial anomalies;

               benefits and coverage; notice

   431:10A-133 Autism benefits and coverage; notice;


   431:10A-134 Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired

               immunodeficiency syndrome screening coverage

   431:10A-140 Formulary; accessibility requirements

   431:10A-141 Extension of dependent coverage

   431:10A-142 Prohibition of preexisting condition exclusions

   431:10A-143 Prohibited discrimination in premiums or


   431:10A-144 Reimbursement to providers


        Part II.  Group and Blanket Disability Insurance

   431:10A-201 Definitions

   431:10A-202 Health care groups

   431:10A-203 Standard provisions

   431:10A-204 Optional provision, examination and autopsy

   431:10A-205 Payment of benefits

   431:10A-206 Coverage of newborn children

 431:10A-206.5 Coverage for child health supervision services

   431:10A-207 Coverage for specific services

   431:10A-208 Qualified medical child support order

   431:10A-209 Association health plan policy; compliance with

               state law

   431:10A-210 Extension of dependent coverage

   431:10A-211 Prohibition of preexisting condition exclusions

   431:10A-212 Prohibited discrimination in premiums or



        Part III.  Medicare Supplement Policies

   431:10A-301 Definitions

   431:10A-302 Applicability and scope

   431:10A-303 Repealed

   431:10A-304 Standards for policy provisions

   431:10A-305 Rules

   431:10A-306 Loss ratio standards

   431:10A-307 Disclosure standards

   431:10A-308 Notice of free examination

   431:10A-309 Filings; approval of forms

   431:10A-310 Filing requirements for advertising

   431:10A-311 Penalties

   431:10A-312 Severability


        Part IV.  Extended Health Insurance

   431:10A-401 Purpose

   431:10A-402 Definitions

   431:10A-403 Association of insurers; policyholder; policy

   431:10A-404 Persons authorized to transact insurance

 431:10A-404.5 Genetic information nondiscrimination in

               extended health insurance coverage

   431:10A-405 Association; powers, process; examination

   431:10A-406 Forms; rates; approval

   431:10A-407 Duplication of benefits; adjustment

   431:10A-408 Annual report filed by association

   431:10A-409 Articles of association; agent, membership

               list; deception

   431:10A-410 Violation of other laws


        Part V.  Long-Term Care Insurance--Repealed

   431:10A-521 to 531 Repealed


        Part VI.  Miscellaneous Provisions

   431:10A-601 Reciprocal beneficiary family coverage defined;

               policyholder and employer responsibility for

               costs; availability

   431:10A-602 Federally funded programs; exemption

   431:10A-603 Self-employed persons, exemption

   431:10A-604 Bona fide trade associations

   431:10A-605 Short-term, limited-duration health insurance

   431:10A-606 Medication synchronization; proration;

               dispensing fees

   431:10A-607 Limited benefit health insurance





   431:10B-101 Purpose

   431:10B-102 Scope

   431:10B-103 Definitions

   431:10B-104 Forms of credit life insurance and credit

               disability insurance

   431:10B-105 Amount of credit life insurance and credit

               disability insurance

   431:10B-106 Term of credit life and credit disability


   431:10B-107 Provisions of policies and certificates of

               insurance:  disclosure to debtors

   431:10B-108 Filing, approval, and withdrawal of forms and

               premium rates

   431:10B-109 Premiums and refunds

   431:10B-110 Issuance of policies

   431:10B-111 Claims

   431:10B-112 Existing insurance and choice of insurer

   431:10B-113 Enforcement

   431:10B-114 Penalties




        Part I.  General Provisions

   431:10C-101 Short title

   431:10C-102 Purpose

   431:10C-103 Definitions

 431:10C-103.5 Personal injury protection benefits; defined;


 431:10C-103.6 Personal injury protection benefits tied to

               prepaid health care plan for description of

               coverage only

   431:10C-104 Conditions of operation and registration of

               motor vehicles

 431:10C-104.5 Repealed

   431:10C-105 Self-insurance

   431:10C-106 Specialty insurers not prohibited

   431:10C-107 Verification of insurance:  motor vehicles

   431:10C-108 Unlawful use of motor vehicle insurance

               identification card

   431:10C-109 Motor vehicle insurance identification card

               after cancellation of policy; return to

               insurer, civil sanctions

   431:10C-110 Rejection of application, joint underwriting

               plan placement

 431:10C‑110.5 Replacing motor vehicle insurance policy

               through an insurer's affiliate or subsidiary

   431:10C-111 Cancellation and nonrenewal of policies:  when

               prohibited, when permitted

 431:10C-111.5 Limit on nonrenewals and conditional renewals

   431:10C-112 Notice of cancellation or nonrenewal; effect on

               term of coverage

 431:10C-112.5 Notice of cancellation for insurer ceasing to

               issue motor vehicle insurance policies

   431:10C-113 Violation of rejection, cancellation and

               nonrenewal provisions

   431:10C-114 Insured's obligations upon termination of


   431:10C-115 Drivers education fund underwriters fee

 431:10C-115.5 Repealed

 431:10C-115.6 Disclosure of personal injury protection limits

               and payments

 431:10C-115.7 Plain language billings

   431:10C-116 Challenges to motor vehicle insurance law;

               intervention by attorney general

   431:10C-117 Penalties

 431:10C-117.5 Additional civil liability

   431:10C-118 Fee in lieu of fine; defense

   431:10C-119 Insurer's requirements

   431:10C-120 Prohibitions, penalty

   431:10C-121 Severability

   431:10C-122 Payment of general excise tax and certificate

               of ownership fee on third-party claims


        Part II.  Rates and Administration

   431:10C-201 Motor vehicle insurance rates generally

   431:10C-202 Making of motor vehicle insurance rates

 431:10C-202.5 Immediate rate freeze; rate reduction; relief

   431:10C-203 Rate filings

   431:10C-204 Repealed

   431:10C-205 Rate review:  request by aggrieved party

   431:10C-206 Repealed

 431:10C-206.5 Group insurance plans

   431:10C-207 Discriminatory practices prohibited

   431:10C-208 Increase in premiums prohibited

   431:10C-209 Rate administration

 431:10C-209.5 Repealed

   431:10C-210 Publication of premium information

   431:10C-211 Attorney's fees

   431:10C-212 Administrative hearing on insurer's denial of


   431:10C-213 Arbitration

 431:10C-213.5 Binding arbitration

   431:10C-214 Administration

   431:10C-215 Inspection and audit

   431:10C-216 Annual review


        Part III.  Coverages and Rights

   431:10C-301 Required motor vehicle policy coverage

 431:10C-301.5 Covered loss deductible

   431:10C-302 Required optional additional insurance

 431:10C-302.5 Managed care option

   431:10C-303 Right to personal injury protection benefits

 431:10C-303.5 U-drive insurance policy; primary

   431:10C-304 Obligation to pay personal injury protection


   431:10C-305 Source of payment

 431:10C-305.5 Right to reimbursement of deductible paid; when

   431:10C-306 Abolition of tort liability

   431:10C-307 Reimbursement of duplicate benefits

431:10C-307.7, 307.8 Repealed

   431:10C-308 Repealed

 431:10C-308.5 Limitation on charges

 431:10C-308.6 Repealed

 431:10C-308.7 Client-patient referrals, health care provider

               practices prohibited

   431:10C-309 Total loss motor vehicle claims

   431:10C-310 Total loss motor vehicle claims:  replacement

   431:10C-311 Total loss motor vehicle claims:  cash


   431:10C-312 Payment of excise tax and certificate of

               ownership fee

   431:10C-313 Insurer practices regarding loss of use,

               storage and towing, and betterment

 431:10C-313.5 Preferred repair provider

 431:10C-313.6 Original equipment manufacturer's and like kind

               and quality parts

   431:10C-314 Jurisdiction

   431:10C-315 Statute of limitations


        Part IV.  Joint Underwriting Plan


            Subpart A.  Participation and Administration

   431:10C-401 Participation

   431:10C-402 Bureau

   431:10C-403 Bureau's duties

   431:10C-404 Allocation of costs

   431:10C-405 Board of governors

   431:10C-406 Regulations, review, and appellate procedure


            Subpart B.  Coverages and Assignment of Claims

   431:10C-407 Classifications

   431:10C-408 Assigned claims


            Subpart C.  Rates

   431:10C-409 Establishment and criteria

   431:10C-410 Schedules

   431:10C-411 Optional additional coverages

   431:10C-412 Adjustment and refund


        Part V.  Motorcycles and Motor Scooters--Repealed

   431:10C-501 to 504 Repealed


        Part VI.  Self-Insurer Requirements

   431:10C-601 Agreement

   431:10C-602 Surety bond or deposit of security; proof

               of financial ability

   431:10C-603 Proof of ability to process and pay claims


   431:10C-604 Issuance of certificate of self-insurance

   431:10C-605 Duty to notify commissioner

   431:10C-606 Duration of certification

   431:10C-607 Revocation of certificate of self-insurance

   431:10C-608 Termination of self-insurer status and

               withdrawal of security deposit


        Part VII.  Transportation Network Companies

   431:10C-701 Definitions

   431:10C-702 Relation to other laws

   431:10C-703 Transportation network company and

               transportation network company driver;

               disclosure; limitations; insurance requirements

   431:10C-704 Records

   431:10C-705 Disclaimers, waiver of liability, and indemnity

               agreements invalid




        Part I.  Individual Life Insurance, Annuities and

                 Pure Endowment Contracts

   431:10D-101 Scope

   431:10D-102 Standard provisions required

   431:10D-103 Policy loan interest rates for policies issued

               after June 22, 1982

   431:10D-104 Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance

   431:10D-105 Annuities and pure endowment contracts;

               standard provisions required

   431:10D-106 Reversionary annuities; standard provisions


   431:10D-107 Standard nonforfeiture law; individual deferred


   431:10D-108 Limitation of liability

   431:10D-109 Scope of incontestable clauses

   431:10D-110 Incontestability after reinstatement

   431:10D-111 Premium deposits

   431:10D-112 Policy settlements

   431:10D-113 Indebtedness deducted from proceeds

   431:10D-114 Miscellaneous proceeds

   431:10D-115 Dealing in dividends

   431:10D-116 Prohibited policy plans

   431:10D-117 Life franchise plan

   431:10D-118 Variable contracts


        Part II.  Group Life Insurance

   431:10D-201 Group life insurance requirements

   431:10D-202 Employee groups

   431:10D-203 Debtor groups

   431:10D-204 Labor union groups

   431:10D-205 Trustee groups

   431:10D-206 Agent groups

   431:10D-207 Public employee association groups

   431:10D-208 Mutual benefit society groups

   431:10D-209 Professional association groups

   431:10D-210 Occupation, industry, or trade association


   431:10D-211 Credit union groups

 431:10D-211.5 Other groups; limits

   431:10D-212 Spouses and dependents of insured individuals

   431:10D-213 Standard provisions required

   431:10D-214 Notice to insured regarding conversion right

   431:10D-215 Assignment of policies


        Part III.  Industrial Life Insurance

   431:10D-301 Scope

   431:10D-302 General life insurance provisions applicable

   431:10D-303 Industrial life insurance defined

   431:10D-304 Compliance required

   431:10D-305 Standard provisions required

   431:10D-306 Title on policy

   431:10D-307 Beneficiary

   431:10D-308 Facility of payment

   431:10D-309 Premiums paid direct

   431:10D-310 Application to term and specified insurance

   431:10D-311 Crediting of dividends

   431:10D-312 Prohibited provisions

   431:10D-313 Limitation of liability


        Part IV.  Life Insurance Policy Illustrations

   431:10D-401 Scope

   431:10D-402 Definitions

   431:10D-403 Policies to be illustrated

   431:10D-404 General requirements and prohibitions

   431:10D-405 Standards for basic illustrations

   431:10D-406 Standards for supplemental illustrations

   431:10D-407 Delivery of illustration and record


   431:10D-408 Annual reports and notice to policy owners

   431:10D-409 Annual certifications

   431:10D-410 Penalties

   431:10D-411 Authority to adopt rules

   431:10D-412 Repealed


        Part V.  Replacement of Life Insurance

                 Policies and Annuities

   431:10D-501 Purpose and scope

   431:10D-502 Definitions

   431:10D-503 Duties of producers

   431:10D-504 Duties of insurers that use producers

   431:10D-505 Duties of replacing insurers that use


   431:10D-506 Duties of the existing insurer

   431:10D-507 Duties of insurers with respect to

               direct-response solicitations

   431:10D-508 Violations and penalties

   431:10D-509 Authority to adopt rules

   431:10D-510 Repealed


        Part VI.  Annuity Disclosure

   431:10D-601 Definitions

   431:10D-602 Applicability of standards for disclosure

   431:10D-603 Standards for the disclosure document and

               buyer's guide

   431:10D-604 Report to contract owners

   431:10D-605 Penalties


        Part VII.  Suitability in Annuity Transactions

   431:10D-621 Scope

   431:10D-622 Definitions

   431:10D-623 Duties of insurers and insurance producers

   431:10D-624 Compliance mitigation; penalties

   431:10D-625 Recordkeeping

   431:10D-626 Insurance producer training


        Part VIII.  Use of Senior-Specific Certifications

                    and Professional Designations

   431:10D-641 Purpose

   431:10D-642 Prohibited uses of senior-specific

               certifications and professional designations


        Part IX.  Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act

   431:10D-651 Short title

   431:10D-652 Purpose

   431:10D-653 Definitions

   431:10D-654 Insurer conduct




        Part I.  Insurable Interest in Property;


   431:10E-101 Insurable interest in property required

   431:10E-102 Over-insurance prohibited; exceptions

   431:10E-103 Exceptions


        Part II.  Homeowners Insurance Claims History

   431:10E-121 Purpose

   431:10E-122 Scope; effective dates

   431:10E-123 Definitions

   431:10E-124 Use of inquiries and other information


        Part III.  Lava Zones

   431:10E-141 Lava zone defined

   431:10E-142 Provisions for properties in lava zones in the

               county of Hawaii


        Part IV.  Coverages

   431:10E-151 Notice requirement

   431:10E-152 Extended coverage




   431:10F-101 Requirements deemed met by surety insurer

   431:10F-102 Fiduciary bonds, expense

   431:10F-103 Court bonds, costs

   431:10F-104 Release from liability

   431:10F-105 Directed suretyship; coercion of contractors




        Part I.  General Provisions

   431:10G-101 Definitions

   431:10G-102 Conditions of operation and registration of

               motorcycles and motor scooters

   431:10G-103 Motorcycle or motor scooter self-insurance

   431:10G-104 Prerequisites for obtaining coverage

   431:10G-105 Tort liability

   431:10G-106 Verification of insurance

   431:10G-107 Drivers education fund underwriters fee;

               motorcycle and motor scooter operators

               education fund

   431:10G-108 Penalties

   431:10G-109 Rules


        Part II.  Rates and Administration

   431:10G-201 Making of motorcycle and motor scooter

               insurance rates

   431:10G-202 Rate filings

   431:10G-203 Rate review:  request by aggrieved party

   431:10G-204 Rate review:  rate methods in noncompliance

               with article

   431:10G-206 Rate administration


        Part III.  Coverages and Rights

   431:10G-301 Required motorcycle and motor scooter policy





        Part I.  Long-Term Care Insurance Model Act

   431:10H-101 Purpose

   431:10H-102 Scope

   431:10H-103 Short title

   431:10H-104 Definitions

   431:10H-105 Extraterritorial jurisdiction; group policies

   431:10H-106 Rules

 431:10H-106.5 Producer training requirements

   431:10H-107 Basic standards

   431:10H-108 Preexisting conditions--group and individual


   431:10H-109 Prior hospitalization; prior


   431:10H-110 Loss ratio standards; factors; commissioner


   431:10H-111 Right to return; free look provision

   431:10H-112 Outline of coverage required

   431:10H-113 Group policy certificate requirements

   431:10H-114 Life insurance policies offering long-term care


   431:10H-115 Incontestability period--group and individual


   431:10H-116 Nonforfeiture benefits

 431:10H-116.5 Delivery of the contract or certificate of


 431:10H-116.6 Denial of claims; compliance requirements

   431:10H-117 Authority to adopt rules


        Part II. Long-Term Care Insurance Model Regulation

   431:10H-201 Policy definitions

   431:10H-202 Renewability

 431:10H-202.5 Licensing

   431:10H-203 Limitations and exclusions

   431:10H-204 Extension of benefits

 431:10H-204.5 Electronic enrollment for group policies

   431:10H-205 Continuation or conversion

   431:10H-206 Discontinuance and replacement

   431:10H-207 Premiums charged--group and individual policies

 431:10H-207.5 Premium rate schedule increases

   431:10H-208 Unintentional lapse

   431:10H-209 Lapse or termination for nonpayment of premium

   431:10H-210 Reinstatement

   431:10H-211 Disclosure; renewability

   431:10H-212 Disclosure; riders and endorsements

   431:10H-213 Disclosure; payment of benefits

   431:10H-214 Disclosure; limitations

   431:10H-215 Disclosure; other limitations and conditions on

               eligibility for benefits

   431:10H-216 Disclosure of tax consequences

   431:10H-217 Disclosure; benefit triggers

 431:10H-217.5 Required disclosure of rating practices to


   431:10H-218 Prohibition against post-claims underwriting

   431:10H-219 Minimum standards for home health and community

               care benefits

   431:10H-220 Requirement to offer inflation protection;

               group and individual policies

   431:10H-221 Requirements for application forms and

               replacement coverage

   431:10H-222 Reporting requirements

   431:10H-223 Discretionary powers of the commissioner

   431:10H-224 Reserve standards; life insurance policies or


   431:10H-225 Reserve standards; insurance other than life

   431:10H-226 Loss ratio

 431:10H-226.5 Initial filing requirements

   431:10H-227 Filing requirements; extraterritorial

   431:10H-228 Filing requirements; advertisements

 431:10H-228.5 Disapproval of filings

   431:10H-229 Standards for marketing

   431:10H-230 Standards of marketing--certain group policies

   431:10H-231 Suitability

   431:10H-232 Prohibition against preexisting conditions and

               probationary periods in replacement policies

               and certificates

   431:10H-233 Nonforfeiture benefit requirement

   431:10H-234 Standards for benefit triggers

 431:10H-234.5 Additional standards for benefit triggers for

               qualified long-term care insurance contracts

   431:10H-235 Standard format outline of coverage; group and

               individual policies

   431:10H-236 Delivery of shopper's guide; group and

               individual policies

   431:10H-237 Penalties


         Part III.  Federal Conformity

   431:10H-301 Group long-term care insurance policies

               conformance to Health Insurance Portability and

               Accountability Act and Internal Revenue Code

   431:10H-302 Individual long-term care insurance policy


   431:10H-303 Conflict with Health Insurance Portability and

               Accountability Act

   431:10H-304 Disclosure of qualification for tax benefits


        Part IV.  Universal Availability of Long-Term Care


   431:10H-401 Publicizing of policies

   431:10H-402 Purchase of policy and payment of premiums on

               an individual's behalf




    431:11-101 Scope and purpose

    431:11-102 Definitions

    431:11-103 Subsidiaries of insurers

    431:11-104 Acquisition of control or merger with domestic


  431:11-104.1 Definitions

  431:11-104.2 Scope

  431:11-104.3 Preacquisition notification; waiting period

  431:11-104.4 Competitive standard

  431:11-104.5 Orders and penalties

  431:11-104.6 Inapplicable provisions

    431:11-105 Registration of insurers

    431:11-106 Standards and management of an insurer within a

               holding company system

    431:11-107 Examination

  431:11-107.5 Supervisory colleges

  431:11-107.7 Group-wide supervision of internationally active

               insurance groups

    431:11-108 Confidential treatment

    431:11-109 Rules and regulations

    431:11-110 Injunctions; prohibitions against voting

               securities; sequestration of voting securities

    431:11-111 Sanctions

    431:11-112 Receivership

    431:11-113 Recovery

    431:11-114 Revocation, suspension, or nonrenewal of

               insurer's license

    431:11-115 Judicial review; mandamus

    431:11-116 Conflict with other laws

    431:11-117 Severability of provisions





   431:11A-101 Definitions

   431:11A-102 Applicability

   431:11A-103 Minimum standards

   431:11A-104 Disclosure

   431:11A-105 Penalties




    431:12-101 Definitions

    431:12-102 Applicability

    431:12-103 Mass merchandising authorized

    431:12-104 Mass merchandising prohibited; when

    431:12-105 Mass merchandising requirements

    431:12-106 Disclosure

    431:12-107 Payroll deductions and premium collections

    431:12-108 Employer's failure to remit premiums

    431:12-109 Cancellation and nonrenewal

    431:12-110 Premium rates

    431:12-111 Readjustment of premiums; dividends

    431:12-112 Underwriting standards

    431:12-113 Statistics

    431:12-114 Licenses

    431:12-115 Establishment and maintenance of office

    431:12-116 Rules






        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:13-101 Purpose

    431:13-102 Unfair methods of competition; unfair or

               deceptive acts or practices prohibited

    431:13-103 Unfair methods of competition and unfair or

               deceptive acts or practices defined

    431:13-104 Favored producer or insurer; coercion of


    431:13-105 Power of commissioner

    431:13-106 Hearings

    431:13-107 Commissioner's right of action

    431:13-108 Reimbursement for accident and health or

               sickness insurance benefits


        Part II.  Penalties and Judicial Review

    431:13-201 Cease and desist and penalty orders; judicial


    431:13-202 Penalty for violation of cease and desist


    431:13-203 Rules

    431:13-204 Provisions of sections additional to existing





        Part I.  Casualty, Surety, Property, Marine and

                 Transportation Rate Regulation

    431:14-101 Purpose

  431:14-101.5 Definitions

    431:14-102 Scope

    431:14-103 Making of rates

  431:14-103.3 Rate adjustment mandates

  431:14-103.5 Contracting classification premium program

    431:14-104 Rate filings

  431:14-104.5 Loss cost filings

    431:14-105 Policy revisions that alter coverage

  431:14-105.5 Standing to intervene in rate filing and

               ratemaking proceedings

    431:14-106 Disapproval of filings

    431:14-107 Rating organizations

  431:14-107.1 Rating and advisory organizations, permitted


  431:14-107.2 Insurers and organizations, prohibited activity

  431:14-107.3 Rating or advisory organizations, prohibited


    431:14-108 Deviations

    431:14-109 Appeal by minority

    431:14-110 Information to be furnished insureds; hearings

               and appeals of insureds

  431:14-110.5 Disclosure of workers' compensation premium


  431:14-110.8 Publication of homeowners insurance premium


    431:14-111 Advisory organizations

    431:14-112 Joint underwriting or joint reinsurance

    431:14-113 Examination

    431:14-114 Rate administration

    431:14-115 False or misleading information

    431:14-116 Assigned risks

  431:14-116.5 Assigned risk pool; experience rating plan

  431:14-116.6 Assigned risk pool; residual market plan

    431:14-117 Penalties

    431:14-118 Hearing procedure and judicial review

    431:14-119 Repealed

    431:14-120 Additional powers for workers' compensation

               rate filing and ratemaking




   431:14A-101 Purpose

   431:14A-102 Definitions

   431:14A-103 Hawaii employers' mutual insurance company,


   431:14A-104 Company divisions

   431:14A-105 Board of directors, established

   431:14A-106 Powers; generally

   431:14A-107 Duties and responsibilities

   431:14A-108 Administrator; appointment; duties

   431:14A-109 Financial management

 431:14A-109.5 Oversight council

   431:14A-110 Premium rates, determination

   431:14A-111 Reserves, investment

   431:14A-112 Financial statements and other reports

   431:14A-113 Annual accounting; dividends

   431:14A-114 Audits

   431:14A-115 Denial, cancellation, and termination

   431:14A-116 Wilful misrepresentation and fraud

   431:14A-117 Workplace safety and health programs

   431:14A-118 Discontinuation of residual market plan

   431:14A-119 Discontinuation of assigned risks




   431:14F-101 to 113 Repealed




   431:14G-101 Scope and purpose

   431:14G-102 Definitions

   431:14G-103 Making of rates

 431:14G-103.5 Rerating

   431:14G-104 Rate adjustment mandates

   431:14G-105 Rate filings

   431:14G-106 Policy revisions that alter coverage

   431:14G-107 Disapproval of filings

   431:14G-108 Managed care plans; prohibited activity

   431:14G-109 Information to be furnished enrollees; hearings

               and appeals of enrollees

 431:14G-109.5 Publication of premium information

   431:14G-110 False or misleading information

   431:14G-111 Penalties

   431:14G-112 Hearing procedure and judicial review





        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:15-101 Construction and purpose

    431:15-102 Persons covered

    431:15-103 Definitions

  431:15-103.5 Standards and authority

    431:15-104 Jurisdiction and venue

    431:15-105 Injunctions and orders

    431:15-106 Cooperation of officers and employees

    431:15-107 Commissioner's reports

    431:15-108 Continuation of delinquency proceedings


        Part II.  Summary Proceedings and Supervisory


    431:15-201 Commissioner's summary orders and supervision


    431:15-202 Court's seizure order

    431:15-203 Confidentiality of hearings


        Part III.  Formal Proceedings

    431:15-301 Grounds for rehabilitation

    431:15-302 Rehabilitation orders

    431:15-303 Powers and duties of the rehabilitator

    431:15-304 Actions by and against rehabilitator

    431:15-305 Termination of rehabilitation

    431:15-306 Grounds for liquidation

    431:15-307 Liquidation orders

    431:15-308 Continuance of coverage

    431:15-309 Dissolution of insurer

    431:15-310 Powers of liquidator

    431:15-311 Notice to creditors and others

    431:15-312 Duties of producers

    431:15-313 Actions by and against liquidator

    431:15-314 Collection and list of assets

    431:15-315 Fraudulent transfers prior to petition

    431:15-316 Fraudulent transfer after petition

    431:15-317 Voidable preferences and liens

    431:15-318 Claims of holders of void or voidable rights

    431:15-319 Setoffs and counterclaims

    431:15-320 Assessments

    431:15-321 Reinsurer's liability

    431:15-322 Applicability of claims settlement provisions

               to loss claims

    431:15-323 Recovery of premiums owed

    431:15-324 Domiciliary liquidator's proposal to distribute


    431:15-325 Filing of claims

    431:15-326 Proof of claim

    431:15-327 Special claims

    431:15-328 Provisions for third party claims

    431:15-329 Disputed claims

    431:15-330 Claims of surety

    431:15-331 Secured creditor's claims

    431:15-332 Priority of distribution

    431:15-333 Liquidator's recommendations to the court

    431:15-334 Distribution of assets

    431:15-335 Unclaimed and withheld funds

    431:15-336 Termination of proceedings

    431:15-337 Reopening liquidation

    431:15-338 Disposition of records during and after

               termination of liquidation


        Part IV.  Interstate Relations

    431:15-401 Conservation of property of foreign or alien

               insurers found in this State

    431:15-402 Liquidation of property of foreign or alien

               insurers found in this State

    431:15-403 Domiciliary liquidators in other states

    431:15-404 Ancillary formal proceedings

    431:15-405 Ancillary summary proceedings

    431:15-406 Claims of nonresidents against insurers

               domiciled in this State

    431:15-407 Claims of residents against insurers domiciled

               in reciprocal states

    431:15-408 Attachment, garnishment and levy of execution

    431:15-409 Interstate priorities

    431:15-410 Subordination of claims for noncooperation

    431:15-411 Separability




        Part I.  Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty


    431:16-101 Title

    431:16-102 Purpose

    431:16-103 Scope

    431:16-104 Construction

    431:16-105 Definitions

    431:16-106 Creation of association

    431:16-107 Board of directors

    431:16-108 Powers and duties of the association

    431:16-109 Plan of operation

    431:16-110 Duties and powers of the commissioner

    431:16-111 Effect of paid claims

    431:16-112 Exhaustion of other coverage

    431:16-113 Prevention of insolvencies

    431:16-114 Tax exemption

    431:16-115 Recoupment of assessment

    431:16-116 Immunity

    431:16-117 Stay of proceedings


        Part II.  Life and Disability Insurance Guaranty


    431:16-201 Title

    431:16-202 Purpose

    431:16-203 Coverage and limitations

    431:16-204 Construction

    431:16-205 Definitions

    431:16-206 Creation of the association

    431:16-207 Board of directors

    431:16-208 Powers and duties of the association

    431:16-209 Assessments

    431:16-210 Plan of operation

    431:16-211 Duties and powers of the commissioner

    431:16-212 Prevention of insolvencies

    431:16-213 Credits for assessments paid

    431:16-214 Miscellaneous provisions

    431:16-215 Tax exemptions

    431:16-216 Immunity

    431:16-217 Stay of proceedings; reopening default


    431:16-218 Prohibited advertisement of association act in

               insurance sales; notice to policyholders

    431:16-219 Repealed




    431:17-101 to 106 Repealed






        Part I.  General Provisions

    431:19-101 Definitions

  431:19-101.2 Confidential treatment

  431:19-101.3 Repealed

  431:19-101.4 Service providers

  431:19-101.5 Captive insurance administrator

  431:19-101.6 Salary

  431:19-101.7 General powers and duties

  431:19-101.8 Captive insurance administrative fund

    431:19-102 Certificate of authority

  431:19-102.2 Personal lines insurance

  431:19-102.3 Redomestication; approval as a domestic captive


  431:19-102.4 Redomestication; conversion to foreign insurer

  431:19-102.5 Repealed

    431:19-103 Names of companies

    431:19-104 Minimum capital and surplus

    431:19-105 Repealed

    431:19-106 Formation of captive insurance companies in

               this State

  431:19-106.3 Repealed

  431:19-106.5 Conversion or merger of captive insurers

    431:19-107 Financial statements and other reports

    431:19-108 Examinations, investigations, and financial


    431:19-109 Grounds and procedures for suspension and

               revocation of certificate of authority; fines

    431:19-110 Investments

    431:19-111 Reinsurance

  431:19-111.5 Class 5 companies

    431:19-112 Rating organizations; memberships

    431:19-113 Exemption from compulsory associations

    431:19-114 Rules

    431:19-115 Laws applicable

  431:19-115.5 Applicability of other laws to captive

               insurance companies writing motor vehicle

               insurance policies in this State

  431:19-115.6 Applicability of other laws to captive

               insurance companies writing credit life or

               other credit disability insurance policies

  431:19-115.7 Applicability of other laws to captive

               insurance companies writing direct workers'

               compensation insurance policies

    431:19-116 Taxation


        Part II.  Special Purpose Financial Captive

                  Insurance Companies

    431:19-201 Purpose

    431:19-202 Applicable law

    431:19-203 Definitions

    431:19-204 Certificate of authority

    431:19-205 Changes in plan of operation; voluntary

               dissolution or cessation of business

    431:19-206 Formation

    431:19-207 Minimum capital and surplus

    431:19-208 Issuance of securities

    431:19-209 Authorized contracts and agreements

    431:19-210 Disposition of assets; investments

    431:19-211 Annual reporting; books and records

    431:19-212 Suspension and revocation of certificate of


    431:19-213 Supervision, rehabilitation, liquidation

    431:19-214 Existing licenses


        Part III.  Sponsored Captive Insurance Companies

    431:19-301 Formation

    431:19-302 Supplemental application materials

    431:19-303 Protected cells

    431:19-304 Qualification of sponsors

    431:19-305 Participants in sponsored captive insurance


    431:19-306 Investments by sponsored captive insurance


    431:19-307 Delinquency of sponsored captive insurance


    431:19-308 Applicable laws

    431:19-309 Existing licenses




    431:20-101 Scope

    431:20-102 Definitions

    431:20-103 General insurance law applicable

    431:20-104 Particular provisions prevail

    431:20-105 Authorized business

    431:20-106 Restrictions on business

  431:20-106.5 Escrow depositories

    431:20-107 Capital requirements

    431:20-108 Guarantee fund

    431:20-109 Limitations on compliance with section

               431:20-107 and section 431:20-108

    431:20-110 Purchase of materials and plant; valuation

  431:20-110.5 Dividends

    431:20-111 Loans to officers, etc.

    431:20-112 Limit of risk

    431:20-113 Underwriting standards and record retention

    431:20-114 Reinsurance reserve

    431:20-115 Use of reinsurance reserve on liquidation,

               dissolution or insolvency

    431:20-116 Loss and loss expense reserve

    431:20-117 Reinsurance

    431:20-118 Prohibition on rebates and inducements

    431:20-119 Division of fees

    431:20-120 Schedules of premiums and charges

    431:20-121 Contract forms, filing, disapproval

    431:20-122 Annual statement

    431:20-123 Remedies

    431:20-124 Additional penalty

    431:20-125 Revocation or suspension of title insurer's

               certificate of authority




    431:21-101 Purpose

    431:21-102 Definitions

    431:21-103 Creation of association

    431:21-104 Board of directors

    431:21-105 Powers and duties of the association

  431:21-105.5 Default in payment of assessments

    431:21-106 Plan of operation

    431:21-107 Designation of area

    431:21-108 Renewals of existing policies

    431:21-109 Insurance coverages available under plan

    431:21-110 Application; inspection

    431:21-111 Duties and powers of the commissioner

    431:21-112 Reports

    431:21-113 Appeals

    431:21-114 Tax exemptions

    431:21-115 Credits for assessments paid

    431:21-116 Examination

    431:21-117 Immunity and limitation on liability

    431:21-118 Status of association policies

    431:21-119 Issuance of new policies; removal of moratorium




    431:22-101 Definitions

    431:22-102 Repealed

    431:22-103 Establishment of loss mitigation grant program

    431:22-104 Standards for the award of grants

    431:22-105 Technical advisory committee




    431:26-101 Definitions

    431:26-102 Applicability and scope

    431:26-103 Network adequacy

    431:26-104 Requirements for health carriers and

               participating providers

    431:26-105 Provider directories

    431:26-106 Intermediaries

    431:26-107 Enforcement

    431:26-108 Rules

    431:26-109 Penalties

    431:26-110 Severability





    431:30-101 Scope

    431:30-102 Definitions

    431:30-103 Establishment of the commission and venue

    431:30-104 Powers of the commission

    431:30-105 Repealed

    431:30-106 Membership; voting; bylaws

    431:30-107 Management committee; officers and personnel

    431:30-108 Legislative and advisory committees

    431:30-109 Corporate records of the commission

    431:30-110 Qualified immunity; defense; indemnification

    431:30-111 Meetings and acts of the commission

    431:30-112 Rules and operating procedures; rulemaking

               functions of the commission and rejection of

               uniform standards

    431:30-113 Commission records and enforcement

    431:30-114 Dispute resolution

    431:30-115 Product filing and approval

    431:30-116 Review of commission decisions regarding

               product filings

    431:30-117 Finance

    431:30-118 Compacting states; effective date; amendment

    431:30-119 Withdrawal

    431:30-120 Default

    431:30-121 Dissolution of compact

    431:30-122 Severability and construction

    431:30-123 Other laws

    431:30-124 Binding effect of the compact




    431:31-101 Definitions

    431:31-102 Licensure of vendors

    431:31-103 Requirements for sale of portable electronics


    431:31-104 Authority of vendors

    431:31-105 Sanctions for violations

    431:31-106 Termination or modification of portable

               electronics insurance

    431:31-107 Application for license and fees

    431:31-108 Portable electronics insurance claims

    431:31-109 Standard of conduct


Cross References


  Civil relief for state military forces, see chapter 657D.

  Hawaii health authority, see chapter 322H.

  Medicaid contracts; nonprofits and for-profits; reporting requirements, see §103F-107.