428 Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

  429 Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act






          Part I.  General Provisions


    428-101 Definitions

    428-102 Knowledge and notice

    428-103 Effect of operating agreement; nonwaivable


    428-104 Supplemental principles of law

    428-105 Name

  428-105.5 Administrative order of abatement for infringement

            of limited liability company name

    428-106 Reserved name

    428-107 Registered agent

    428-108 Change of registered agent

    428-109 Resignation of registered agent

    428-110 Service of process

    428-111 Nature of business and powers


          Part II.  Organization

    428-201 Limited liability company as legal entity

    428-202 Organization

    428-203 Articles of organization

    428-204 Articles of amendment

  428-204.5 Amended and restated articles of organization

  428-204.6 Restated articles of organization

    428-205 Signing of records

    428-206 Filing in office of director; effective time and


    428-207 Correcting filed record

    428-208 Liability for false statement in filed record

    428-209 Filing by judicial act

    428-210 Annual report


          Part III.  Relations of Members and Managers to

                     Persons Dealing with the Limited Liability


    428-301 Agency of members and managers

    428-302 Limited liability company liable for member's or

            manager's actionable conduct

    428-303 Liability of members and managers


          Part IV.  Relations of Members to One Another and to

                    the Limited Liability Company

    428-401 Form of contribution

    428-402 Member's liability for contributions

    428-403 Member's and manager's rights to payments and


    428-404 Management of the limited liability company

    428-405 Sharing of and right to distributions

    428-406 Limitations on distributions

    428-407 Liability for unlawful distributions

    428-408 Member's right to information

    428-409 General standards of member's and manager's conduct

    428-410 Actions by members

    428-411 Continuation of limited liability company after

            expiration of specified term


          Part V.  Transferees and Creditors of Members

    428-501 Member's distributional interest

    428-502 Transfer of distributional interest

    428-503 Rights of a transferee

    428-504 Rights of creditors


          Part VI.  Member's Dissociation

    428-601 Events causing a member's dissociation

    428-602 Member's power to dissociate; wrongful dissociation

    428-603 Effect of a member's dissociation


          Part VII.  Member's Dissociation When Business Not

                     Wound Up

    428-701 Company purchase of distributional interest

    428-702 Court action to determine fair value of

            distributional interest

    428-703 Dissociated member's power to bind the limited

            liability company

    428-704 Statement of dissociation


          Part VIII.  Winding Up the Company's Business

    428-801 Events causing dissolution and winding up of

            company's business

    428-802 Limited liability company continues after


    428-803 Right to wind up the limited liability company's


    428-804 Member's or manager's power and liability as agent

            after dissolution

    428-805 Articles of termination

    428-806 Distribution of assets in winding up the limited

            liability company's business

    428-807 Known claims against dissolved limited liability


    428-808 Notice; other claims against dissolved limited

            liability company

    428-809 Grounds for administrative termination

    428-810 Procedure for and effect of administrative


    428-811 Reinstatement following administrative termination

    428-812 Appeal from denial of reinstatement


          Part IX.  Conversions and Mergers

    428-901 Definitions

  428-901.5 Foreign mergers

    428-902 Repealed

  428-902.5 Conversion into and from limited liability companies

  428-902.6 Articles of conversion

    428-903 Effect of conversion

    428-904 Merger

    428-905 Articles of merger

    428-906 Effect of merger

   428-907, 908 Repealed


          Part X.  Foreign Limited Liability Companies

   428-1001 Law governing foreign limited liability companies

   428-1002 Application for certificate of authority

   428-1003 Activities not constituting transacting business

   428-1004 Issuance of certificate of authority

   428-1005 Name of foreign limited liability company

 428-1005.5 Change of name by foreign limited liability


   428-1006 Revocation of certificate of authority

   428-1007 Cancellation of authority

   428-1008 Effect of failure to obtain certificate of authority

   428-1009 Action by attorney general

   428-1010 Repealed


          Part XI.  Derivative Actions

   428-1101 Right of action

   428-1102 Proper plaintiff

   428-1103 Pleading

   428-1104 Expenses


          Part XII.  Miscellaneous Provisions

   428-1201 Uniformity of application and construction

   428-1202 Repealed

   428-1203 Certificates and certified copies to be received in


   428-1204 Interrogatories by director


          Part XIII.  Fees, Charges, and Penalties

   428-1301 Fees

   428-1302 Penalties


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  Limited liability partnerships, see §§425‑151 to 173.


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