Part I.  General Provisions


    386-1 Definitions

    386-2 Definitions relating to family relationships

    386-3 Injuries covered

  386-3.5 Negotiation for benefit coverage

    386-4 Voluntary coverage

    386-5 Exclusiveness of right to compensation; exception

    386-6 Territorial applicability

    386-7 Interstate and foreign commerce and maritime


    386-8 Liability of third person

  386-8.5 Limits of third party liability

    386-9 Contracting out forbidden

   386-10 Out of state employers


        Part II.  Compensation


         A.  Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits

   386-21 Medical care, services, and supplies

 386-21.1 Medical care, services, and supplies for controverted


 386-21.2 Treatment plans

 386-21.5 Publication of fees by prepaid health care plan


 386-21.7 Prescription drugs; pharmaceuticals

 386-21.9 Medical care, services, and supplies for firefighters

          suffering from cancer

   386-22 Artificial member and other aids

   386-23 Services of attendant

 386-23.5 Services of attendant, allowance adjustments

 386-23.6 Weekly benefit adjustments for recipients of services

          of attendants

   386-24 Medical rehabilitation

   386-25 Vocational rehabilitation

   386-26 Guidelines on frequency of treatment and reasonable

          utilization of health care and services

   386-27 Qualification and duties of health care providers

   386-28 Opioid therapy; qualifying injured employees; informed

          consent process

   386-29 Qualifying injured employees; initial concurrent

          prescriptions; opioids and benzodiazepines


         B.  Income and Indemnity Benefits


          1.  Disability

   386-31 Total disability

   386-32 Partial disability

   386-33 Subsequent injuries that would increase disability

   386-34 Payment after death

   386-35 Benefit adjustment


          2.  Death

   386-41 Entitlement to and rate of compensation

   386-42 Dependents

   386-43 Duration of dependents' weekly benefits

   386-44 Effect of erroneous payment; insanity of beneficiary


          3.  Provisions Common to Benefits for

              Disability and Death

   386-51 Computation of average weekly wages

 386-51.5 Limited liability in concurrent employment

   386-52 Credit for voluntary payments and supplies in kind

   386-53 Nonweekly periodic payments

   386-54 Commutation of periodic payments

   386-55 Trustee in case of lump sum payments

   386-56 Payment from the special compensation fund in case of


   386-57 Legal status of right to compensation and compensation



        Part III.  Administration

   386-71 Duties and powers of the director in general

 386-71.5 Rehabilitation unit

 386-71.6 Workers' compensation benefits facilitator unit

   386-72 Rulemaking powers

   386-73 Original jurisdiction over controversies

 386-73.5 Proceedings to determine employment and coverage

   386-74 to 77 Repealed

   386-78 Compromise

   386-79 Medical examination by employer's physician

   386-80 Examination by impartial physician

   386-81 Notice of injury; waiver

   386-82 Claim for compensation; limitation of time

   386-83 When claim within specified time is unnecessary or


   386-84 Limitation of time with respect to minors and mentally


   386-85 Presumptions

   386-86 Proceedings upon claim; hearings

   386-87 Appeals to appellate board

 386-87.1 Standing to intervene in appeals

   386-88 Judicial review

   386-89 Reopening of cases; continuing jurisdiction of


   386-90 Conforming prior decisions on appeal

   386-91 Enforcement of decisions awarding compensation;

          judgment rendered thereon

   386-92 Default in payments of compensation, penalty

   386-93 Costs

   386-94 Attorneys, physicians, other health care providers,

          and other fees

   386-95 Reports of injuries, other reports, penalty

   386-96 Reports of physicians, surgeons, and hospitals

   386-97 Inspections

 386-97.5 Penalties

   386-98 Fraud violations and penalties

   386-99 Posting of information

  386-100 Deductible option for medical benefits in insurance



        Part IV.  Security for Compensation; Employment

                  Rights of Injured Employees; Funds


         A.  Security for Compensation

  386-121 Security for payment of compensation; misdemeanor

  386-122 Notice of insurance

  386-123 Failure to give security for compensation; penalty;


  386-124 The insurance contract

386-124.5 Insurer's requirements; failure to maintain claims

          service office; penalty; injunction

  386-125 Knowledge of employer imputed to insurance carrier

  386-126 Insolvency of employer not to release insurance


  386-127 Cancellation of insurance contracts

  386-128 Insurance by the State, counties, and municipalities

  386-129 Employees not to pay for insurance; penalty


         B.  Employment Rights of Injured Employees

  386-141 Repealed

  386-142 Employment rights of injured employees


         C.  Special Compensation Fund

  386-151 Special compensation fund established and maintained

  386-152 Levy and charges to finance special compensation fund

  386-153 Levy on insurers of employers insured under section


  386-154 Charge against employers not insured under section


386-154.5 Special assessments

  386-155 Expenses


        Part V.  Applicability to Hawaii Guard, Volunteer

                 Personnel and Public Board Members


         A.  Hawaii Guard

  386-161 Who entitled to compensation

  386-162 Terms defined

  386-163 Administration

  386-164 Appropriation


         B.  Volunteer Personnel

  386-171 Volunteer personnel, medical, etc., expenses

  386-172 Administration and procedure

  386-173 Time for giving notice, etc.

  386-174 Appropriation


         C.  Public Board Members, Reserve Police Officers,

             Police Chaplains, Volunteer Firefighters, Volunteer

             Boating Enforcement Officers, Volunteer

             Conservation and Resources Enforcement Officers,

             and Reserve Public Safety Law Enforcement Officers

  386-181 Generally


        Part VI.  Self-Insurance Groups

  386-191 Scope

  386-192 Definitions

  386-193 Authority to act as workers' compensation

          self-insurance group

  386-194 Qualifications for initial approval and continued

          authority to act as a workers' compensation

          self-insurance group

  386-195 Certificate of approval; termination

  386-196 Examinations

  386-197 Board of trustees; membership, powers, duties, and


  386-198 Group membership; termination, liability

  386-199 Service companies

  386-200 Licensing of producer

  386-201 Financial statements and other reports

  386-202 Misrepresentation prohibited

  386-203 Investments

  386-204 Rates and reporting of rates

  386-205 Refunds

  386-206 Premium payment; reserves

  386-207 Deficits and insolvencies

  386-208 Guaranty mechanism

  386-209 Monetary penalties

  386-210 Cease and desist orders

  386-211 Revocation of certificate of approval

  386-212 Notice and hearing

  386-213 Rules

  386-214 Severability




  Chapter heading amended by L 1975, c 41, §1.

  This chapter is based on L 1963, c 116, which completely revised and reenacted this chapter.  See also L 1975, c 41, §1.

  For prior legislative history see:  Chapter 97 in RLH 1955, vol 1; L 1957, cc 55, 78, 80, 81, 133, 134, 214, 215, and 216; L 1959, cc 48, 78, 185, 240, and 241; L 1961, cc 3, 5, 99, 115, and 152.


Cross References


  Hawaii employers' mutual insurance company, see §§431:14A-101 to 431:14A-119.

  Leave sharing program, see §78-26.

  Workers' compensation closed claims study by auditor; submission to 2018 legislature.  L 2016, c 188.


Attorney General Opinions


  Absent explicit inclusion, hanai children were not entitled to statutory benefits under workers' compensation laws.  Att. Gen. Op. 93-1.

  Neither the disability compensation division (DCD) nor the labor and industrial relations appeals board (LIRAB) is an "entity" for purposes of chapter 323C when it reviews, evaluates, and decides on claims for workers’ compensation; some provisions of chapter 323C apply to each in its adjudicatory capacity because the DCD and the LIRAB receive protected health information when they process workers’ compensation claims.  Att. Gen. Op. 2000-2.


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Case Notes


  Exclusive remedy for assault and battery suffered during work.  634 F. Supp. 684 (1986).

  Plaintiff failed to exhaust the administrative remedies provided to plaintiff by this chapter; prior to filing a separate suit for bad faith denial of benefits or payments, plaintiff must first exhaust all available administrative remedies before the department of labor and industrial relations, disability compensation division.  28 F. Supp. 2d 588 (1997).

  This chapter does not bar claims based on the intentional conduct of an employer or employee because such claims are not based on "accidents" related to employment; plaintiff's intentional infliction of emotional distress claim not barred by this chapter.  721 F. Supp. 2d 947 (2010).

  Workers' compensation law is constitutional.  71 H. 358, 791 P.2d 1257 (1990).

  Appeals board correctly determined that consequent medical expenses attributable to claimant's non-industrial motor vehicle accident were not covered by this chapter.  77 H. 152, 883 P.2d 73 (1994).

  Claimant not precluded by exclusivity provision of §386-5 from seeking common law tort remedies against employer's insurer where injuries allegedly caused by insurer's denial of medical benefits and disability payments not "work injuries" within scope of this chapter.  83 H. 457, 927 P.2d 858 (1996).