§342B-71  Statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit, adoption.  (a)  A statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit to be achieved by 2020 is hereby established that is equal to or below the level of the statewide greenhouse gas emissions in 1990, as determined by section 3 of Act 234, Session Laws of Hawaii 2007; provided that for the purposes of this Act greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes shall not be included.

     (b)  The director shall submit a report to the legislature by December 31, 2023, indicating a measurement of the 2005 greenhouse gas emissions in the State, including emissions from airplanes.

     (c)  The director shall complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory report each year beginning after 2017 to track emissions and determine the State's progress in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  The department shall make these reports widely accessible, including to the public, as soon as they are available. [L 2007, c 234, pt of §8; am L 2022, c 238, §3]




  Hawaii state energy office shall analyze pathways and develop recommendations for achieving the State's economy-wide decarbonization goals; report to 2024 legislature.  L 2022, c 238, §4.