329D-1 Definitions

    329D-2 Medical cannabis dispensaries; authorized; licensure

  329D-2.5 Office of medical cannabis control and regulation;

           established; duties

    329D-3 Qualifications for licensure

    329D-4 Medical cannabis dispensaries; license application

           procedure and verification; fees

    329D-5 Medical cannabis dispensaries; selection

  329D-5.5 Sale or transfer of dispensary license

    329D-6 Dispensary operations

    329D-7 Medical cannabis dispensary rules

    329D-8 Laboratory standards and testing; laboratory


    329D-9 Manufacturing of medical cannabis products

   329D-10 Types of manufactured cannabis products

   329D-11 Advertising and packaging

   329D-12 Background checks

   329D-13 Dispensing limits

   329D-14 Prohibited acts related to exceeding limits; fraud;


   329D-15 Criminal offense; unauthorized access to retail

           dispensing location

   329D-16 Criminal offense; unauthorized access to production


   329D-17 Prohibition of distribution of medical cannabis and

           medical cannabis products to minors; penalties

   329D-18 Diversion from dispensary or production center;


   329D-19 Criminal offense; alteration or falsification of

           medical cannabis dispensary records

   329D-20 Law enforcement access to dispensary and production

           center records

   329D-21 Revocation and suspension of licenses

   329D-22 Medical cannabis zoning

   329D-23 Annual inspections, audits, and reports

   329D-24 Cultivation of medical cannabis by qualifying

           patients and primary caregivers

   329D-25 Coordination among state and federal agencies

   329D-26 Public education

   329D-27 Administrative rules




  Chapter heading amended by L 2017, c 170, §2.

  Personnel and contracts, exemption from chapter 76 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2025).  L 2015, c 241, §14; L 2017, c 41, §11; L 2018, c 159, §4.


Cross References


  Medical cannabis; economic and other data; collection, see §201-13.9.

  Medical cannabis testing and research programs, see §304A-1865.