Part I.  General Provisions


    201H-1 Definitions

    201H-2 Hawaii housing finance and development corporation;

           establishment, staff

    201H-3 Board; establishment, functions, duties

    201H-4 General powers

  201H-4.5 Urban gardening programs

    201H-5 Fair housing law to apply

    201H-6 Housing advocacy and information system

    201H-7 Housing research

    201H-8 Housing counseling

    201H-9 Acquisition, use, and disposition of property

   201H-10 Cooperative agreements with other governmental


   201H-11 Agents, including corporations

   201H-12 Development of property

   201H-13 Eminent domain, exchange or use of public property

   201H-14 Contracts with the federal government

   201H-15 Administration of low-income housing credit allowed

           under section 235-110.8

   201H-16 Administration of federal programs

   201H-17 Federal funds outside of state treasury

   201H-18 Public works contracts

   201H-19 Remedies of an obligee:  mandamus; injunction;

           possessory action; receiver; accounting; etc.

   201H-20 Subordination of mortgage to agreement with


   201H-21 Duty to make reports

   201H-22 Quitclaim deeds

   201H-23 For-sale developments


        Part II.  Housing Development Programs

   201H-31 Criteria

   201H-32 Definitions

   201H-33 Powers and duties, generally

   201H-34 Additional powers; development

 201H-34.5 Authority to modify and amend development

           agreements with eligible developers

   201H-35 Bond financing

   201H-36 Exemption from general excise taxes

   201H-37 Exemption from tax on income and obligations

   201H-38 Housing development; exemption from statutes,

           ordinances, charter provisions, and rules

   201H-39 Starter homes; design standards; applicant

           eligibility; authority to incorporate starter homes

           into housing projects of the corporation

   201H-40 Housing projects; construction and sponsorship

   201H-41 Independent development of projects

   201H-42 Private development of projects

   201H-43 Interim financing of projects

   201H-44 Commercial, industrial, and other uses

   201H-45 Sale; mortgage, agreement of sale, and other


   201H-46 Co-mortgagor

   201H-47 Real property; restrictions on transfer; waiver of


   201H-48 Exception of current owners in corporation projects

   201H-49 Real property; restrictions on use

   201H-50 Restrictions on use, sale, and transfer of real

           property; effect of amendment or repeal

   201H-51 Corporation's right to repurchase or rent real

           property; authority to seek recovery

   201H-52 Nonprofit organizations and government agencies

   201H-53 Rate of wages for laborers and mechanics

   201H-57 Land leases to nonprofit organizations providing

           affordable housing

   201H-58 Leases; self-help housing

   201H‑59 Affordable rental housing development program

   201H-70 Additional powers


        Part III.  Financing Programs


         A.  General Provisions

   201H-71 Bonds; authorization

   201H-72 Issuance of bonds for the development of


   201H-73 Issuance of bonds for the preservation of low-

           income housing projects

   201H-74 Bonds; interest rate, price, and sale

   201H-75 Trustee; designation, duties

   201H-76 Trust indenture

   201H-77 Investment of reserves, etc.

   201H-78 Security for funds deposited by the corporation

   201H-79 Arbitrage provisions, interest rate

   201H-80 Housing finance revolving fund; bond revolving


   201H-81 Repealed

   201H-82 Rate of wages for laborers and mechanics

   201H-85 Repealed

   201H‑86 Low-income housing tax credit loan

   201H-90 Additional powers


         B.  Housing Loan and Mortgage Program

   201H-91 Definitions

   201H-92 Owner-occupancy requirement

   201H-93 Eligible borrowers

   201H-94 Eligible loans

   201H-95 Eligible project loans

   201H-96 Eligible improvement loans

   201H-97 Housing loan programs; procedures and requirements

   201H-98 Housing loan programs; general powers

   201H-99 Housing loan programs; self-supporting

  201H-100 Housing loan programs; fees

  201H-101 Housing loan programs; evidence of eligible loan,

           eligible improvement loan, or eligible project loan

  201H-102 to 104  Repealed

  201H-105 Advance commitments program

  201H-106 Loan funding programs

  201H-107 Loans; service and custody

  201H-108 Loans; sale, pledge, or assignment

  201H-109 Loans; insurance and guarantees

  201H-110 Loans; default

  201H-120 Additional powers


         C.  Rental Assistance Program

  201H-121 Purpose; findings and determinations

  201H-122 Definitions

  201H-123 Rental assistance revolving fund

  201H-124 Rental assistance contracts

  201H-125 Rental assistance program

  201H-126 Benefits of program not exclusive

  201H-140 Additional powers


         D.  Taxable Mortgage Securities Programs

  201H-141 Definitions

  201H-142 Housing loan programs; authorization

  201H-143 Housing loan programs; procedures and requirements

  201H-144 Housing loan programs; general powers

  201H-150 Additional powers


         E.  State Mortgage Guarantee Program

  201H-151 State mortgage guarantee

  201H-152 Mortgage guarantee agreements

  201H-160 Additional powers


         F.  Downpayment Loan Assistance Program

  201H-161 Downpayment loans

  201H-162 Qualifications for downpayment loans

  201H-163 Restrictions on borrower

201H-163.5 Downpayment loan assistance program; fees

  201H-164 Default

  201H-170 Additional powers


         G.  Homebuyers' Club Program

  201H-171 Homebuyers' club program

  201H-180 Additional powers


         H.  Rent-to-Own Program

  201H-181 Rent-to-own program

  201H-190 Additional powers


         I.  Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund

  201H-191 Dwelling unit revolving fund

201H-191.5 Regional state infrastructure subaccounts

  201H-200 Additional powers


         J.  Rental Housing Revolving Fund

  201H-201 Definitions

  201H-202 Rental housing revolving fund

  201H-203 Eligible applicants for funds

  201H-204 Eligible projects

  201H-205 Additional powers

  201H-210 Renumbered


         K.  Affordable Homeownership Revolving Fund

  201H-206 Affordable homeownership revolving fund

  201H-207 Additional powers


        Part IV.  Expenditures of Revolving Funds Under

                  the Corporation Exempt from Appropriation

                  and Allotment

  201H-211 Expenditures of revolving funds under the

           corporation exempt from appropriation and allotment

  201H-220 Additional powers




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