Part I.  General Provisions


    195D-1 Findings and declaration of necessity

    195D-2 Definitions

    195D-3 Determination by the department relating to

           conservation of particular species

    195D-4 Endangered species and threatened species

  195D-4.5 Taking a monk seal prohibited

    195D-5 Conservation programs

  195D-5.1 Protection of Hawaii's unique flora and fauna

  195D-5.5 Products to support the environment

    195D-6 Rules

  195D-6.5 Interim rulemaking

    195D-7 Enforcement

    195D-8 Search and seizure

    195D-9 Penalty

   195D-10 Severability


        Part II.  Recovery

   195D-21 Habitat conservation plans

   195D-22 Safe harbor agreements

   195D-23 Incentives

   195D-24 Confidentiality

   195D-25 Endangered species recovery committee

   195D-26 Annual report; endangered species

   195D-27 Repealed

   195D-28 Relation of chapter to other laws

   195D-29 Release or establishment of endangered or

           threatened species outside its current range

   195D-30 Net gain in recovery of species

   195D-31 Trust fund

   195D-32 Citizen suits




  Chapter heading amended by L 1983, c 111, §1.


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.


Attorney General Opinions


  Threatened and endangered plants are protected on Hawaiian home lands under the provisions of this chapter, as well as under the provisions of the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973, to the same extent that the plants are protected elsewhere in Hawaii.  Anyone who "takes" threatened or endangered plants on Hawaiian home lands is subject to state and federal civil and criminal penalties.  Att. Gen. Op. 95-5.


Law Journal and Reviews


  Suffering Matters:  NEPA, Animals, and the Duty to Disclose.  42 UH L. Rev. 41 (2020).


Case Notes


  Chapter does not provide basis for private right of action to stop building of highway.  538 F. Supp. 149 (1982).