§143-10  Stray dogs.  Every person who takes into the person's possession any stray dog shall immediately notify the animal control officer and release the dog to the animal control officer upon demand.  If there is attached to the dog a license tag for the then current year, the animal control officer shall notify in writing the person to whom the license was issued, at the address given in the license certificate, and, upon demand made within twenty-four hours thereafter and without charge, shall release the dog to the person.  If no person lawfully entitled to the dog, within nine days after the date of giving the notice, shall claim the dog, the dog may be sold or destroyed by the animal control officer in the manner provided in section 143-8 for unlicensed dogs. [L 1941, c 268, §9; RL 1945, §7159; RL 1955, §156-10; HRS §143-10; am L 1983, c 227, §7; gen ch 1985]