§121-9  Adjutant general; duties.  The adjutant general shall perform such duties as are prescribed by law and such other military duties consistent with the regulations and customs of the armed forces of the United States as required by the governor.

     The adjutant general shall supervise all of the forces comprising the military components of the department of defense of the State.  The supervisory power shall include the command, discipline, training, and recruiting of the armed forces of the State, military operations, distribution of troops, inspections, armament, military education and instruction, fiscal operations, administration, and supply.

     The adjutant general is authorized to confer the powers of police officers, including the power to arrest, to employees of the department who are engaged as security guards for national guard and emergency management facilities; provided that such powers shall remain in force and effect only while the security guards are in the actual performance of their duties as security guards. [L 1967, c 196, pt of §1; HRS §121-9; am L 1969, c 249, §1; am L 1973, c 65, §1; gen ch 1985; L 2014, c 111, §28]