26 Executive and Administrative Departments

  26H Hawaii Regulatory Licensing Reform Act

   27 State Functions and Responsibilities

  27C State Information Service

  27G Access Hawaii Committee

   28 Attorney General

   29 Federal Aid

   30 Gubernatorial Transition





        Part I.  Organization, Generally


     26-1 Office of the lieutenant governor

     26-2 Order of succession to offices of governor and

          lieutenant governor

     26-3 Position of administrative director created

     26-4 Structure of government

     26-5 Department of human resources development

     26-6 Department of accounting and general services

     26-7 Department of the attorney general

     26-8 Department of budget and finance

     26-9 Department of commerce and consumer affairs

    26-10 Department of taxation

    26-11 University of Hawaii

    26-12 Department of education

    26-13 Department of health

    26-14 Department of human services

  26-14.5 Repealed

  26-14.6 Department of public safety

    26-15 Department of land and natural resources

    26-16 Department of agriculture

    26-17 Department of Hawaiian home lands

    26-18 Department of business, economic development, and


    26-19 Department of transportation

    26-20 Department of labor and industrial relations

    26-21 Department of defense

    26-22 Transfer of functions

    26-23 Assignment of functions

    26-24 Agencies and offices abolished

    26-25 Services to the judiciary and legislature


        Part II.  Other General Provisions

    26-31 Selection and terms of single executives as heads of


    26-32 Acting heads of departments; appointment of;

          responsibility for acts of

    26-33 Performance of duties of vacant office

    26-34 Selection and terms of members of boards and


    26-35 Administrative supervision of boards and commissions

  26-35.5 Members of boards and commissions; immunity from or

          indemnification for civil liability; defense of


    26-36 Acting members of boards

    26-37 Substitutes for officials called into active service

    26-38 Powers and duties of heads of departments

    26-39 Department staffs

    26-40 Repealed

    26-41 Temporary boards and commissions


        Part III.  Salaries, Certain State Officers

    26-51 Governor; lieutenant governor

    26-52 Department heads and executive officers

    26-53 Deputies or assistants to department heads

    26-54 Administrative director of the State

    26-55 Repealed

    26-56 Commission on salaries


        Part IV.  Early Learning

    26-61 Benchmarks; duties




  Federal funding policy study by the department of budget and finance; 2018 reports to governor and legislature; governor's report to legislature (by January 1, 2019).  L 2016, c 225; L 2017, c 178.


Cross References


  Access Hawaii committee (management of State's internet portal), see chapter 27G.

  Council, board, and commission members; training on native Hawaiian and Hawaiian traditional and customary rights, see chapter 10, part III.

  Emergency management, see chapter 127A.

  Uniform electronic transactions act, see chapter 489E.


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