§11-423  Voluntary expenditure limits; filing affidavit.  (a)  Any candidate may voluntarily agree to limit the candidate's expenditures and those of the candidate's candidate committee or committees and the candidate's party on the candidate's behalf by filing an affidavit with the campaign spending commission.

     (b)  The affidavit shall state that the candidate knows the voluntary campaign expenditure limitations as set out in this part and that the candidate is voluntarily agreeing to limit the candidate's expenditures and those made on the candidate's behalf by the amount set by law.  The affidavit shall be subscribed to by the candidate and notarized and filed no later than the time of filing nomination papers with the chief election officer or county clerk.

     (c)  The affidavit shall remain effective until the termination of the candidate committee or the opening of filing of nomination papers for the next succeeding election, whichever occurs first.  An affidavit filed under this section may not be rescinded.

     (d)  From January 1 of the year of any primary, special, or general election, the aggregate expenditures for each election by a candidate who voluntarily agrees to limit campaign expenditures, inclusive of all expenditures made or authorized by the candidate alone, all treasurers, the candidate committee, and noncandidate committees on the candidate's behalf, shall not exceed the following amounts expressed, respectively multiplied by the number of voters in the last preceding general election registered to vote in each respective voting district:

     (1)  For the office of governor--$2.50;

     (2)  For the office of lieutenant governor--$1.40;

     (3)  For the office of mayor--$2.00;

     (4)  For the offices of state senator, state representative, county council member, and prosecuting attorney--$1.40; and

     (5)  For all other offices--20 cents. [L 2010, c 211, pt of §2; am L 2011, c 5, §5; am L 2013, c 63, §1]