§222.  Administration.  (a)  The department may make such expenditures and shall adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as are necessary for the efficient execution of the functions vested in the department by this Act.  All expenditures of the department and all moneys necessary for loans made by the department, in accordance with the provisions of this Act, shall be allowed and paid upon the presentation of itemized vouchers approved by the chairman of the commission or the chairman's designated representative.  The department shall make an annual report to the legislature of the State upon the first day of each regular session and such special reports as the legislature may from time to time require.  The chairman and members of the commission shall give bond as required by law.  The sureties upon the bond and the conditions thereof shall be approved annually by the governor.

     (b)  When land originally leased by the department in accordance with chapter 171, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is, in turn, subleased by the department's lessee or sublessee, the department shall submit, upon the first day of the convening of any regular session, a written report to the legislature which shall cover the sublease transactions occurring in the fiscal year prior to the regular session and shall contain the names of the persons involved in the transaction, the size of the area under lease, the purpose of the lease, the land classification of the area under lease, the tax map key number, the lease rental, the reason for approval of the sublease by the department, and the estimated net economic result accruing to the department, lessee, and sublessee. [Am Nov. 26, 1941, c 544, §7, 55 Stat 787; Jun. 14, 1948, c 464, §8, 62 Stat 394; am L 1963, c 207, §4; am L 1972, c 173, §1; am L 1977, c 174, §2; am L 1986, c 249, §5; am L 2001, c 110, §1]