[§846-52]  Responsibility for system.  (a)  The department of the attorney general shall be responsible for the collection, storage, dissemination, and analysis of all hate crime data from all agencies that have primary investigative, action, or program responsibility for adult or juvenile offenses, including the county police departments, the county prosecutors, the family courts, and the departments or agencies responsible for administering any correctional facilities.

     (b)  The attorney general shall develop the system and the procedures for reporting, inputting, accessing, and protecting the information concerning the commission of hate crimes and obtaining the agreement of agencies permitted to directly input and access information.

     (c)  Hate crime data collected by the attorney general may be shared with other agencies in accordance with section 92F-19.  Public dissemination of this information shall be subject to section 92F-13. [L 2001, c 240, pt of §2]