§846-14  Access and review.  Any individual who asserts that the individual has reason to believe that criminal history record information relating to the individual is maintained by any information system in this State shall be entitled to review such information for the purpose of determining its accuracy and completeness by making application to the agency operating such system.  The applicant shall provide satisfactory identification which shall be positively verified by fingerprints.  Rules and regulations promulgated under this section shall include provisions for administrative review and necessary correction of any claim by the individual to whom the information relates that the information is inaccurate or incomplete; provisions for administrative appeal where a criminal justice agency refuses to correct challenged information to the satisfaction of the individual to whom the information relates; provisions for supplying to an individual whose record has been corrected, upon the individual's request, the names of all noncriminal justice agencies to which the data have been given; and provisions requiring the correcting agency to notify all criminal justice recipients of corrected information.  The review authorized by this section shall be limited to a review of criminal history record information. [L 1979, c 129, pt of §2; gen ch 1985]