846-8 Exclusions. This chapter shall not apply to criminal history record information contained in:

(1) Posters, announcements, or lists for identifying or apprehending fugitives or wanted persons;

(2) Original records of entry such as police blotters maintained by criminal justice agencies, compiled chronologically and required by law or long-standing custom to be made public if such records are organized on a chronological basis;

(3) Court records of public judicial proceedings;

(4) Published court or administrative opinions or public judicial, administrative, or legislative proceedings;

(5) Records of traffic offenses maintained for the purpose of regulating the issuance, suspension, revocation, or renewal of driver's, pilot's, or other operators' license;

(6) Announcements of executive clemency or pardon, by the Hawaii paroling authority or the governor of the State.

Nothing in this chapter shall prevent a criminal justice agency from disclosing, to the public, criminal history record information related to the offense for which an individual is currently within the criminal justice system, including the individual's place of incarceration; and, nothing in this chapter shall prevent a criminal justice agency from confirming prior criminal history record information to members of the news media or any other person, upon specific inquiry as to whether a named individual was arrested, detained, indicted, or other formal charge was filed, on a specific date, if the arrest record information or criminal history record information disclosed is based on data excluded by the first paragraph of this section. Nothing in this chapter prohibits the dissemination of criminal history record information for purposes of international travel, such as issuing visas and granting of citizenship. [L 1979, c 129, pt of 2; gen ch 1985]



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