Part I.  Definitions, Administration


   844D-1 Definitions

   844D-2 Administration


         Part II.  Collection, Analysis, and Repository

  844D-21 Collection of specimens, samples, and print

          impressions at correctional facility or other

          detention facility

  844D-22 Analysis and examination of specimens for

          identification purposes

  844D-23 Repository of samples and records

  844D-24 Sexual assault evidence; reporting


         Part III.  Offenders Subject to Collection of Specimens

                    or Samples, or Print Impressions

  844D-31 Offenders subject to collection

  844D-32 Application to all qualifying persons

  844D-33 Notification by prosecutor and inquiry by court

  844D-34 Collection from persons confined or in custody after

          conviction or adjudication

  844D-35 Collection from persons on probation, parole, or other


  844D-36 Collection from parole violators and others returned

          to custody

  844D-37 Collection from persons accepted into Hawaii from

          other jurisdictions

  844D-38 Collection of replacement specimen found spoiled or


  844D-39 Collection of specimen from sex offense registrants

  844D-40 Collection of specimens from persons required to

          register under chapter 846E who have not yet

          provided samples

  844D-41 Retroactive application


         Part IV.  Crime Scene and Related Evidence; Comparison

                   Against Forensic Identification Data

  844D-51 Analysis of crime scene samples

  844D-52 Anonymous analysis of specimens and samples

  844D-53 Analysis of forensic identification profiles

  844D-54 Laboratories contributing DNA profiles to be accredited

  844D-55 Other law enforcement DNA laboratories

  844D-56 Limitations not cause for dismissal

  844D-57 No invalidation based on erroneous placement or

          retention of specimens, samples, or print impressions


        Part V.  Sample and Specimen Collection Paraphernalia

                 and Instructions; Civil or Criminal Liability

                 for Collection; and Data Entry

  844D-61 Blood specimens, buccal swab samples, and print

          impressions shall be forwarded promptly to the


  844D-62 Procedures for the collection and forwarding of samples

  844D-63 Limitations on civil and criminal liability

  844D-64 Processing of offender specimens


         Part VI.  Request for Expungement of Information;


  844D-71 Expungement of DNA information from state DNA database

          and data bank identification program

  844D-72 Destruction of samples and expungement of searchable

          DNA database profile

  844D-73 No authorization to relieve a person of administrative

          duty to provide specimens, samples, or print


  844D-74 Not a basis for invalidation of identification or

          suppression of identification evidence


         Part VII.  Exemption of Specimen from Disclosure;


  844D-81 Exemption of specimen from disclosure

  844D-82 Confidentiality

  844D-83 Knowing use or disclosure by department employee of

          forensic identification information for other than

          criminal identification or exclusion purposes

  844D-84 When disclosure is not a violation

  844D-85 Confidentiality of computer software and database



         Part VIII.  Data Sharing; Population Database or Data

                     Bank Information; Protocol, Quality Control

                     or Methodology; Sample Sharing; Local

                     DNA Laboratories; Disposal

  844D-91 Department permitted to share data, information, and


  844D-92 Local DNA laboratories

  844D-93 Disposals of unused and expired specimens


         Part IX.  Powers Not Affected

 844D-101 Law enforcement officer powers under other laws not


 844D-102 Authority under other laws not affected


         Part X.  Crimes

 844D-111 Refusal or failure to provide specimen for forensic


 844D-112 Fraudulent use or manipulation of biometric sample or


 844D-113 Unauthorized disclosure of DNA sample or profile

 844D-114 Use of DNA sample or profile for financial gain


         Part XI.  Post-Conviction DNA Testing

 844D-121 Petition for post-conviction DNA testing

 844D-122 Proceedings

 844D-123 Order for post-conviction DNA testing

 844D-124 Counsel

 844D-125 Discovery

 844D-126 Retention of biological evidence

 844D-127 Choice of laboratory

 844D-128 Payment

 844D-129 Appeal

 844D-130 Successive motions

 844D-131 Additional orders

 844D-132 Procedure after testing results are obtained

 844D-133 Consent