841-1 Who are coroners

    841-2 Appointment of deputies

    841-3 Duties

    841-4 Testimony under oath reduced to writing

    841-5 Form of oath

    841-6 Subpoenas; penalty for failure to comply

    841-7 Reports of investigation

    841-8 Duty to forward copy of reports to any county or

          prosecuting attorney and to person in charge of

          disposition of body

    841-9 Fees

   841-10 Decent burial

   841-11 Witness fees and mileage; expenses

   841-12 Removal of corpse

   841-13 Disposition of personal effects

   841-14 Autopsies and further investigations

 841-14.5 Performance of autopsy by pathologist

 841-14.6 Assistance among counties

   841-15 Notice to next of kin, expense

   841-16 Disposal of decomposed remains

   841-17 Hospital records

   841-18 Coroner's physician; laboratory facilities

   841-19 Notification of this chapter