804-62 Limit of compensation; penalty. (a) The amount of compensation which may be collected on any bail bond or bond to keep the peace by one or more persons acting as sureties thereon shall not exceed a one time only fee from five to fifteen per cent of the amount thereof, but need not be less than $50 in any event; provided that additional fees, subject to subsection (b), may be collected for:

(1) The posting of a surety insurance bond as defined in section 431:1-210(1);

(2) The posting of a bond on behalf of a person whose case is pending appeal; or

(3) The posting of a bond in which more than one year has passed since the filing thereof.

(b) The compensation collected pursuant to sections 804-62(a)(2) and (a)(3), in any year after the first year, may be collected annually, and:

(1) Shall be charged on a prorated basis; and

(2) Shall not exceed the percentage charged in the first year.

(c) Every person holding a license to act as surety on any bail bond or bond to keep the peace who violates this section shall be fined not more than $250 and shall forfeit the license and shall not be entitled to receive a similar license for a period of one year thereafter. [L 1990, c 164, pt of 3; am L 1993, c 181, 3]



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