Part I.  Bail; Recognizance


    804-1 Bail defined

    804-2 Unclaimed bail money

    804-3 Bailable offenses

    804-4 When a matter of right

    804-5 By whom allowed

    804-6 Bail bond after conviction

    804-7 Release after bail

  804-7.1 Conditions of release on bail, recognizance, or

          supervised release

  804-7.2 Violations of conditions of release on bail,

          recognizance, or supervised release

  804-7.3 Sanctions for violation of conditions of release on

          bail, recognizance, or supervised release

  804-7.4 General conditions of release on bail

  804-7.5 Right to a prompt hearing; release or detention

    804-8 No bail where wounding may terminate in death

    804-9 Amount

  804-9.5 Unsecured bail

   804-10 Repealed

 804-10.5 Sureties; qualification

   804-11 One surety sufficient; when

 804-11.5 Cash, credit and debit card authorization, stocks,

          bonds, or real property as security for bail

   804-12 Bond for minor

   804-13 Insufficient bail

   804-14 Discharge of sureties

   804-15 Recognizance

   804-16 Bail bond, etc., deposited where

   804-17 Prompt appearance and response; default

   804-18 Witness, summary process for

   804-19 Times for appearance


        Part II.  Bond to Keep the Peace

   804-31 Offense against complainant, arrest

   804-32 Bond pending trial and upon appeal

   804-33 Trial; bond protecting complainant

   804-34 Bond not executed

   804-35 Bond protecting others

   804-36 Term and renewal of bond

   804-37 Offense in presence of district judge

   804-38 Offense against other than complainant; arrest

   804-39 Bond in addition to conviction

   804-40 Suit on bond

   804-41 Discharge of surety


        Part III.  Forfeiture

   804-51 Procedure


        Part IV.  Miscellaneous Provisions

   804-61 Repealed

   804-62 Limit of compensation; penalty




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.


Cross References


  Arrest warrants arising from outstanding traffic warrants, see §§353-66.5 and 604-7.2.