Part I.  Arrests Generally


    803-1 Arrest; by warrant

    803-2 By oral order

    803-3 By person present

    803-4 On suspicion

    803-5 By police officer without warrant

    803-6 Arrest, how made

    803-7 Use of force

    803-8 Weapons on person arrested

    803-9 Examination after arrest; rights of arrested person

   803-10 Penalty

   803-11 Entering house to arrest


        Part IA.  Arrest by Federal Officers

   803-16 Officer of United States Customs and Border

          Protection Service or Citizenship and Immigration

          Services; arrest powers

   803-17 United States marshal or deputy United States

          marshal; arrest powers


        Part II.  Fugitive Criminals on Vessels

   803-21 Fugitive criminal; surrender by master of vessel

   803-22 Secreting prisoners on board; penalty

   803-23 Searching vessels without warrant; penalty

   803-24 War vessels excepted


        Part III.  Search Warrants

   803-31 Search warrant; defined

   803-32 Purposes

   803-33 Affidavit

 803-33.5 Warrants issued on oral statements or electronic


   803-34 Contents

   803-35 Deputies or police officers may serve

   803-36 Notice to applicant

   803-37 Power of officer serving

   803-38 Munitions of war


        Part IV.  Electronic Eavesdropping

   803-41 Definitions

   803-42 Interception, access, and disclosure of wire, oral,

          or electronic communications, use of pen register,

          trap and trace device, and mobile tracking device


   803-43 Devices to intercept wire, oral, or electronic

          communications and advertising of same prohibited;

          penalty; forfeiture

   803-44 Application for court order to intercept wire, oral,

          or electronic communications

 803-44.5 Application for a pen register or a trap and trace


 803-44.6 Issuance of an order for a pen register or a trap

          and trace device

 803-44.7 Application for authorization to install and use a

          mobile tracking device

   803-45 Authorization for disclosure and use of intercepted

          wire, oral, or electronic communications

   803-46 Procedure for interception of wire, oral, or

          electronic communication

   803-47 Reports concerning intercepted wire, oral, or

          electronic communications; reports concerning pen

          registers and trap and trace devices

 803-47.5 Disclosure of contents of communication while in

          electronic storage

 803-47.6 Requirements for governmental access

 803-47.7 Backup preservation

 803-47.8 Delay of notification

 803-47.9 Cost reimbursement

   803-48 Recovery of civil damages authorized

 803-48.5 Injunction against illegal interception

   803-49 Severability

   803-50 Repealed




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.