Codification.  Act 9, Session Laws 1972, repealed or recodified this title in its entirety, substituting the present Title 38, entitled (by the revisor of statutes) "Procedural and Supplementary Provisions", for former Title 38, entitled "Crimes".  For the disposition of former Title 38, see disposition table in Appendix, this title.

  Renumbering.  This title as presently constituted consists in the main of provisions transferred from former Title 37, "Criminal Law".  Upon initial transfer in 1973, the provisions were assigned new numbers under this title.  The provisions were again renumbered and assigned the present numbers in the 1975 Supplement.  See tracing table in Appendix, this title.

  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.



   801 Rights of Accused

  801D Rights of Victims and Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings

  801G Address Confidentiality Program

  801K Eyewitness Identification Procedures

   802 Counsel and Other Services for Indigent Criminal


  802E Court Advisement of Aliens Entering Guilty Plea

   803 Arrests, Search Warrants

   804 Bail; Bond to Keep the Peace

   805 Criminal Procedure:  District Courts

   806 Criminal Procedure:  Circuit Courts

  806D Criminal Process Records

807 to 830 Reserved

   831 Uniform Act on Status of Convicted Persons

   832 Uniform Criminal Extradition Act

   833 Uniform Rendition of Accused Persons Act

   834 Agreement on Detainers

   835 Securing Attendance of Witness by Material Witness


   836 Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from

       without a State in Criminal Proceedings

837 to 840 Reserved

   841 Inquests, Coroners

   842 Organized Crime

   843 Hawaii Criminal Justice Commission--Repealed

   844 State Law Enforcement Planning Agency--Repealed

  844D Forensic Identification

  844G Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits

   845 Career Criminals

   846 Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center; Civil


  846C National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact

  846D Juvenile Justice Information System

  846E Registration of Sex Offenders and Other Covered

       Offenders and Public Access to Registration Information

  846F Internet Crimes Against Children

847 to 850 Reserved

   851 Credit Card Offenses--Repealed

   852 Obstruction of Ingress or Egress

   853 Criminal Procedure:  Deferred Acceptance of Guilty

       Plea, Nolo Contendere Plea



  1.  Table of Disposition--Title 38.  Crimes

  2.  Tracing Table--Title 38 (New)






    801-1 Indictment or information

    801-2 Witnesses; defense

    801-3 Jury list, witnesses

    801-4 Fees not payable by defendant

    801-5 Repealed




  As to procedural statutes superseded by the rules of court, see note preceding Title 32.