712A-9 Commencement of proceedings. (1) The prosecuting attorney shall determine whether it is probable that the property is subject to forfeiture and, if so, shall initiate administrative or judicial proceedings against the property within forty-five days of receipt of a written request for forfeiture from a seizing agency. If, on inquiry and examination, the prosecuting attorney determines, with sole discretion, that the proceedings probably cannot be sustained or that justice does not require the institution of proceedings, the prosecuting attorney shall notify the seizing agency, and as soon as practicable authorize the release of the seizure for forfeiture on the property or on any specified interest in it. A determination by the prosecuting attorney to forego initiation of proceedings shall not be a bar to initiation of proceedings against the same property based on the same circumstances at a later time.

(2) If the property sought to be forfeited is real property, including fixtures, the prosecuting attorney shall file a lis pendens with respect to the property but shall not be required to pay a filing fee. [L 1988, c 260, pt of 1, 7; am L 1990, c 197, 1; am L 1991, c 166, 4; am L 1993, c 196, 1; am L 1996, c 104, 6]



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