[§711-1109.37]  Cruelty to animals by trapping.  (1)  A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals by trapping if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly uses, sets, or maintains:

     (a)  A steel-jawed leg-hold trap; or

     (b)  A snare, conibear trap, or foot- or leg-hold trap in an area zoned as residential or any other area where such snare or trap is prohibited by law or rule; except under the situations described in subsection (2).

     (2)  Subsection (1)(b) shall not apply to employees of state or federal agencies, or persons acting as a designated cooperator or an agent of the State, who are carrying out activities required under a management plan approved by state or federal agencies, pursuant to a mandatory statutory duty for the protection of species listed as threatened or endangered species, or other wildlife species protected by law, or for the protection of public health, safety, or property.

     (3)  As used in this section:

     "Conibear trap" means a contrivance consisting of metal or steel designed to kill by crushing the body or severing the spinal cord of any animal.  "Conibear trap" shall not include snap traps used for rodent control.

     "Foot- or leg-hold trap" means a contrivance consisting of metal or steel that is off-set, padded or laminated, and is designed to capture and hold any animal by a foot or limb.

     "Snare" means a contrivance consisting of a noose, regardless of material, designed to capture, trap, or kill any animal or hold any animal by a foot, limb, or neck.

     "Steel-jawed leg-hold trap" means a spring-powered contrivance that captures or holds the limb of an animal by exerting a lateral force with fix-mounted jaws.

     (4)  Cruelty to animals by trapping is a misdemeanor. [L 2013, c 208, §3]