[707-784] Extended terms of imprisonment; labor trafficking offenses. If a person is found guilty of a violation under section 707-781 or 707-782 and the victim of the offense suffered bodily injury, the person may be sentenced to an extended indeterminate term of imprisonment as described in this section. Subject to the procedures set forth in section 706-664, the court may impose, in addition to the indeterminate term of imprisonment provided for the grade of offense, an additional indeterminate term of imprisonment as follows:

(a) Bodily injury an additional two years of imprisonment;

(b) Substantial bodily injury an additional five years of imprisonment;

(c) Serious bodily injury an additional fifteen years of imprisonment; or

(d) If death results, the defendant shall be sentenced in accordance with the homicide statute relevant for the level of criminal intent.

When ordering an extended term sentence, the court shall impose the maximum length of imprisonment. The minimum length of imprisonment for an extended term sentence under paragraph (a), (b), (c), or (d) shall be determined by the Hawaii paroling authority in accordance with section 706-669. [L 2011, c 146, pt of 1]



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