Part I.  General Provisions Relating to Offenses

                   Against the Person


    707-700 Definitions of terms in this chapter


          Part II.  Criminal Homicide

    707-701 Murder in the first degree

  707-701.5 Murder in the second degree

    707-702 Manslaughter

  707-702.5 Negligent homicide in the first degree

    707-703 Negligent homicide in the second degree

    707-704 Negligent homicide in the third degree

    707-705 Negligent injury in the first degree

    707-706 Negligent injury in the second degree


          Part III.  Criminal Assaults and Related Offenses

    707-710 Assault in the first degree

    707-711 Assault in the second degree

    707-712 Assault in the third degree

  707-712.5 Assault against a law enforcement officer in the

            first degree

  707-712.6 Assault against a law enforcement officer in the

            second degree

  707-712.7 Assault against an emergency worker

    707-713 Reckless endangering in the first degree

    707-714 Reckless endangering in the second degree

  707-714.5 Criminally negligent storage of a firearm

    707-715 Terroristic threatening, defined

    707-716 Terroristic threatening in the first degree

    707-717 Terroristic threatening in the second degree


          Part IV.  Kidnapping and Related Offenses; Criminal


    707-720 Kidnapping

    707-721 Unlawful imprisonment in the first degree

    707-722 Unlawful imprisonment in the second degree

    707-723 to 725 Repealed

    707-726 Custodial interference in the first degree

    707-727 Custodial interference in the second degree


          Part V.  Sexual Offenses

    707-730 Sexual assault in the first degree

    707-731 Sexual assault in the second degree

    707-732 Sexual assault in the third degree

    707-733 Sexual assault in the fourth degree

  707-733.5 Repealed

  707-733.6 Continuous sexual assault of a minor under the

            age of fourteen years

    707-734 Indecent exposure

   707-739, 740 Repealed

    707-741 Incest

   707-742, 743 Repealed


          Part VI.  Child Abuse

    707-750 Promoting child abuse in the first degree

    707-751 Promoting child abuse in the second degree

    707-752 Promoting child abuse in the third degree

    707-753 Affirmative defense to promoting child abuse

    707-756 Electronic enticement of a child in the first


    707-757 Electronic enticement of a child in the second


    707-758 Repealed

    707-759 Indecent electronic display to a child


          Part VII.  Extortion

    707-760 Definitions

    707-761 Extortionate extension of credit; prima facie


    707-762 Financing extortionate extensions of credit

    707-763 Collection of extensions of credit by extortionate


    707-764 Extortion

    707-765 Extortion in the first degree

    707-766 Extortion in the second degree

    707-767 Extortion in the third degree

    707-768 Firearms, explosives, and dangerous weapons

    707-769 Defenses to extortion


          Part VIII.  Labor Trafficking

    707-780 Definitions

    707-781 Labor trafficking in the first degree

    707-782 Labor trafficking in the second degree

    707-783 Additional sentencing considerations; victims

            held in servitude

    707-784 Extended terms of imprisonment; labor

            trafficking offenses

    707-785 Restitution for victims of labor trafficking

    707-786 Nonpayment of wages

    707-787 Unlawful conduct with respect to documents


Case Notes


  In the context of offenses against persons set forth in this chapter, the defendant's proscribed conduct must be committed at a time when the victim is within the class contemplated by the legislature because the specified class is an attendant circumstance.  109 H. 115, 123 P.3d 1210 (2005).