[706-651] Payments by defendant; order of priority. When a defendant is ordered to make payments pursuant to chapters 351, 706, 846F, and 853, or as otherwise provided by law, payments shall be made in the following order of priority:

(1) Restitution;

(2) Crime victims compensation fee;

(3) Probation services fee;

(4) Human trafficking victim services fee;

(5) Other fees, including but not limited to internet crimes against children fee and drug demand reduction assessment fee;

(6) DNA analysis monetary assessment; and

(7) Fines. [L 2016, c 231, 14]




Act 231, Session Laws 2016, added this section, which establishes the priority for payments that a defendant is ordered to make, including restitution, crime victims compensation fee, probation services fee, human trafficking victims services fees, DNA analysis monetary assessment, and fines. Conference Committee Report No. 138-16.



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