702-200 Requirement of voluntary act or voluntary omission

702-201 "Voluntary act" defined

702-202 Voluntary act includes possession

702-203 Penal liability based on an omission

702-204 State of mind required

702-205 Elements of an offense

702-206 Definitions of states of mind

702-207 Specified state of mind applies to all elements

702-208 Substitutes for negligence, recklessness, and


702-209 Conditional intent

702-210 Requirement of wilfulness satisfied by acting


702-211 State of mind as determinant of grade or class of a

particular offense

702-212 When state of mind requirements are inapplicable to

violations and to crimes defined by statutes other

than this Code

702-213 Effect of absolute liability in reducing grade of

offense to violation

702-214 Causal relationship between conduct and result

702-215 Intentional or knowing causation; different result

from that intended or contemplated

702-216 Reckless or negligent causation; different result

from that within the risk

702-217 Causation in offenses of absolute liability

702-218 Ignorance or mistake as a defense

702-219 Ignorance or mistake; reduction in grade and class

of the offense

702-220 Ignorance or mistake of law; belief that conduct not

legally prohibited

702-221 Liability for conduct of another

702-222 Liability for conduct of another; complicity

702-223 Liability for conduct of another; complicity with

respect to the result

702-224 Liability for conduct of another; exemption from


702-225 Liability for conduct of another; incapacity of

defendant; failure to prosecute or convict or

immunity of other person

702-226 Liability for conduct of another; multiple

convictions; different degrees

702-227 Penal liability of corporations and unincorporated


702-228 Liability of persons acting, or under a duty to act,

in behalf of corporations or unincorporated


702-229 Definitions relating to corporations and

unincorporated associations

702-230 Intoxication

702-231 Duress

702-232 Military orders

702-233 Consent; general

702-234 Consent to bodily injury

702-235 Ineffective consent

702-236 De minimis infractions

702-237 Entrapment




L 2001, c 91, 4 purports to amend this chapter.



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