673-1 Waiver of immunity

    673-2 Right to sue

    673-3 Exhaustion of administrative remedies

    673-4 Scope of relief

    673-5 Attorney's fees and costs

    673-6 Award or judgment as bar

    673-7 Limited remedy

    673-8 Proof of liability

    673-9 Inapplicability to share of office of Hawaiian


   673-10 Limitation on actions; native Hawaiians




  Hawaiian home lands trust claims.  L 1992, c 316; L 1993, c 352.


Cross References


  Lands conveyed for development of housing projects, see §§10-13.6 and 171-18.5.


Law Journals and Reviews


  The Native Hawaiian Trusts Judicial Relief Act:  The First Step in an Attempt to Provide Relief.  14 UH L. Rev. 889 (1992).

  Courts and the Cultural Performance:  Native Hawaiians' Uncertain Federal and State Law Rights to Sue.  16 UH L. Rev. 1 (1994).

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Case Notes


  Where breach of trust claims were for damages resulting from the State's breach of trust duties and did not require a determination of the office of Hawaiian affairs' proportionate share of revenues under §673-9, this chapter applied to the instant claims.  110 H. 338, 133 P.3d 767 (2006).

  Where plaintiffs failed to comply with the sixty-day notice requirement for filing suit under §673-3, this failure precluded the supreme court from reviewing any claims brought under this chapter.  110 H. 338, 133 P.3d 767 (2006).

  Defendant State and state officials did not waive their sovereign immunity pursuant to chapter 673 where plaintiffs did not bring their claims under chapter 673 in their first amended complaint and plaintiffs' after-the-fact reliance on chapter 673 for a waiver of the State's sovereign immunity was solely for the purpose of their attorneys' fee request.  130 H. 162, 307 P.3d 142 (2013).