[672E-8] Statute of limitations on actions exception. If an applicable statute of limitation or repose would preclude an action after the notice of claim has been served but before the dispute is resolved under this chapter, the claimant may file an action against the contractor but the action shall be immediately stayed pending the contractor's opportunity to repair under section 672E-4, or submission of the dispute to mediation under section 672E-7. This section shall not be construed to revive a statutory period of limitations on actions that have expired prior to the date on which a claimant's written notice of claim is served. After the sending of the initial notice of claim, a claimant and a contractor, by written mutual agreement, may alter the procedure for the notice of claim under this section. [L 2004, c 119, pt of 2]


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Limitation of action for damages based on construction to improve real property, see 657-8.



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