672B-1 Definitions

     672B-2 Administration of chapter

     672B-3 Design claim conciliation panels; composition,

            selection, compensation

     672B-4 Waiver of filing fee

     672B-5 Review by panel required; notice; presentation

            of claims; request for a more definite statement

            of the claim

     672B-6 Certificate of consultation

     672B-7 Design claim conciliation panel hearing;

            fact-finding; evidence; voluntary settlement

     672B-8 Design claim conciliation panel hearing; persons


     672B-9 Design claim conciliation panel hearing; decisions

    672B-10 Expungement of records; liability insurance rates

    672B-11 Subsequent litigation; excluded evidence

    672B-12 Arbitration; subsequent litigation

    672B-13 Submission of claim to an alternative dispute

            resolution provider

    672B-14 Immunity of panel members from liability

    672B-15 Statute of limitations tolled

    672B-16 Duty to cooperate; assessment of costs and fees

    672B-17 Annual report


Revision Note


  Throughout this chapter, "design claim conciliation panel" substituted for "design claims conciliation panel" pursuant to §23G-15.


Cross References


  Design professional liability; highways, see §663-10.98.