Applies to all structure position discrepancies without regard to when the facts or actions giving rise to the discrepancy occurred. L 1997, c 131, 5; L 1999, c 185, 4.


669-11 De minimis structure position discrepancies, defined. For the purposes of this part, "de minimis structure position discrepancy" means:

(1) For commercial property, industrial property, and multi-unit residential property, 0.25 feet;

(2) For all other residential property, 0.5 feet;

(3) For agricultural and rural property, 0.75 feet; and

(4) For conservation property, 1.5 feet;

between the location of an improvement legally constructed along what was reasonably believed to be the boundary line and the actual location of the boundary line based on the most recent survey. [L 1997, c 131, pt of 2; am L 1999, c 185, 2]



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