[§667-20]  Publication of notice of public sale.  The foreclosing mortgagee or association in a foreclosure by action shall have the public notice of the public sale:

     (1)  Printed in not less than seven-point font and published in the classified section of a newspaper that is published at least weekly and having a general circulation in the county in which the mortgaged property or unit is located.  The public notice shall be published once each week for three consecutive weeks, constituting three publications.  The public sale shall take place no sooner than fourteen days after the date of the publication of the third public notice advertisement; or

     (2)  Not less than twenty-eight days before the date of the public sale, published on a state website at the discretion of the agency that maintains the website; provided that the public notice shall be published at least once in the format described in paragraph (1) at least fourteen days prior to the public sale. [L 2012, c 182, pt of §3(3), §§63, 69(5)]


Revision Note


  Subsection (a) designation deleted pursuant to §23G-15.