666-20 Rent control ordinances. Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to authorize the eviction of a tenant contrary to any rent control ordinance declaring an emergency arising out of a housing shortage and prohibiting termination of tenancies or restricting the grounds for termination thereof, pursuant to the powers conferred by section 62-34(11) and section 70-65, so long as such emergency continues. [L 1943, c 102, 4; RL 1945, 10418; RL 1955, 240-20; HRS 666-20]




Sections 62-34 and 70-65 referred to in text are repealed.


Cross References


General powers and limitations of the counties, see 46-1.5.


Case Notes


Eviction for occupancy by landlord. 36 H. 711 (1940).

Validity of provisions of rent control ordinance limiting grounds for termination of tenancy. 37 H. 252 (1945).

Recovery of housing used illegally for commercial purposes. 38 H. 250 (1948).

Existence of emergency. 43 H. 84 (1958).

Cited: 37 H. 294 (1946).



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