Part I. Generally


666-1 Summary possession on termination or forfeiture of


666-2 Tenancy from month to month, etc.; termination,


666-3 Forfeiture, warning, notice to vacate, refunds

666-4 Oral leases not exceeding one year, valid

666-5 Acceptance of rent during litigation, effect of

666-6 Summary possession proceedings; venue

666-7 Jurisdiction; joinder

666-8 Service

666-9 Return day

666-10 Repealed

666-11 Judgment; writ of possession

666-12 How writ executed

666-13 Effect of writ

666-14 Writ stayed how, in proceedings for nonpayment of rent

666-15 to 19 Repealed

666-20 Rent control ordinances

666-21 Rent trust fund


Part II. Health Requirements in Rental Dwellings--Repealed

666-41 to 45 Repealed


Cross References


Residential landlord and tenant code, see chapter 521.

In case of conflict, chapter 521 controls, see 521-3(b).


Case Notes


Long-term residential ground leases cannot be canceled or forfeited in district court summary possession action under this chapter. 74 H. 294, 845 P.2d 1186 (1992).

Chapter does not preclude a landlord from joining a breach of contract action, seeking damages as measured by future rent, with a summary possession action. 84 H. 75, 929 P.2d 88 (1996).


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