[663J-4] Evidence. Acts that may serve as evidence in support of a claim under section 663J-3 include but are not limited to:

(1) Physical force or threats of physical force;

(2) Physical or mental torture;

(3) Leading an individual to believe that the individual will be protected from violence or arrest;

(4) Kidnapping;

(5) Blackmail;

(6) Extortion;

(7) Threat of criminal prosecution for any violation of the law;

(8) Threat of interference with parental rights;

(9) Restriction or interference with speech or communication with others;

(10) Isolation;

(11) Exploitation of pornographic performance;

(12) Interference with opportunities for education;

(13) Destroying property of the individual;

(14) Restriction of movement; or

(15) In the case of a person coerced while a minor:

(A) Exploiting needs for food, shelter, safety, affection, or intimate relationship;

(B) Exploiting a condition of developmental disability, cognitive limitation, affective disorder, or substance dependency;

(C) Promise of legal benefit, such as posting bail, procuring an attorney, protecting from arrest, or promising unionization;

(D) Promise of financial rewards; or

(E) Defining the terms of an individual's employment or working conditions in a manner that is likely to lead to the individual's use in prostitution. [L 1999, c 203, pt of 2]


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